F650GS / F800GS accessories

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by R.J., Oct 4, 2008.

  1. R.J.

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    Apr 22, 2006
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    I just put the GIVI windscreen on my 650twin. :thumb Now I'm able to ride at highway speed with my visor up. No buffetting, little noise, great wind protection. I do have the lowered version, and am quite small (5'4"), so I am pretty much right out of the wind. DH is 6'4" and experienced a little buffetting on the top of his helmet when trying this set-up, but nothing annoying. This screen seems to do the job pretty well.

    Vario sidecases are here and going on this week. I like the Jesse bags, but I don't want the weight. Most of my off-road riding involves short day trips, so heavier duty cases aren't really justsified. I also purchased a small pelican case as a top-case and will mount it after mounting the side-cases. (I miss the small trunk on old 650. It was handy for carrying a wallet.)

    Next up, SW Motech crashbars and bashplate. Still looking for handguards I like.

    What accessories do you have? Any comments on how well they work for you?
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    Jul 19, 2008
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    I'm getting the lowered one, too (we short FF gotta stick together!) I'm going with the OEM touring screen for two reasons. 1) I'll add it to my moto loan, and 2) I like the idea of using the support frame as an alternative place to mount a GPS or other farkles. I'll put on some Hellas I have laying around and some fogs, or I might get the IPA dual lights. I have a Stebel on order. :clap Brake res, headlight and chain guards are next. I really want the Adventure-Spec bash plate, crash bars, and Jesse's but $$$$ :eek1 , so we'll see...
    Future mods include a Wunderlich dash with power plug, adding an override switch to run the fan, gauges for temps and amps, adding LED brake lights to my side cases, fork boots, and a Dakar style upper fender when it eventually comes out. I kind of want a Dakar/Adventure inspired 650 twin for all-weather combat commuting and occasional 1-up camping and touring.

    edit- The powered dash is by Touratech, NOT Wunderlich