F800GS first ride

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by Motoriley, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Went for another scoot today and actually got to ride my old 1150gs since my buddy went with me. Firts I have to say that for a bike with 80,000 kms it sure runs nice. The shock have only about 20,000 or so since I swapped them for some Adventure length ones. Bike feels more planted on asphalt, definitely a better highway bike but not by as much as I would have thought. I had also forgotten how well the thing does on gravel. Was like putting on an old pair of shoes (77,000 of those kms were mine). I actually really enjoyed riding it. One of the main reason I sold it was out of boredom I guess.
    Anyways back to the F800. Still haven't mastered that touchy throttle. Getting better though. I agree with what others have posted about using a higher gear to smooth things out. Adjusted the clutch lever to be as close as possible to the bars. Would still like it closer and I usually wear large to x-large gloves so it is kind of odd.
    Still loving it, much more of a hooligan personality than the staid 1150. I always was very tentative with the 1150 off road but I can see that this bike will reward a little more aggressive approach.
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    Guys, be real careful with this. If you take too much slack out, the throttle position sensor will never go back to zero input (bad). The computer needs that zero input baseline to stay happy. I have found with my single cylinder F650 GS that the best way to keep an eye on the fuel injection/ECU is to frequently check gas mileage. I "thought" something might have been wrong with my bike the first year I owned it, it was very subtle and any other rider wouldn't have recognized it. My mileage went from 65 to 45 mpg. I had it looked at and the dealer found 105 error codes coming from the 02 sensor. A wire had shorted against the frame. The engine management system on these Rotax/Kymco motors is foolproof but everything needs to be in order; that is the TPS, mass air sensor, 02 sensor, ABS, speedo sensor, temp sensor. Any one of these failing can alter engine management.
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    the TPS sets the baseline every time the bike is started, which is why one should not apply any throttle at startup- to give the correct baseline.
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    I rode without doing anything ie. with the throttle or clutch, i am kinda getting used to the throttle after only a couple of days of riding, so far in 1 week ive dropped it got clipped by a chevy truck( not my fault i was in a big line of traffic on a hwy i was the last vehicle doing the mandatory 2 second rule for following and what can i say,what pisses me off about the whole thing is he had the stop and it was in a farming area so there was no trees nothing wide open feilds of nothing to block his view of a bright dewalt rolling down the hwy and the asshat still pulled out in front of me luckily with my whole week of exp. i was able to avoid , using evsive manouvers only knee hit his bumper, and keep on 2 wheels and still give him the finger i probably should of stopped but i was just impressed i was still in one piece) so i figure the bike rode me out of that so i aint changing a thing:D
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    Love my 800GS, about 6000 miles and I just put on a set of Metzler off road tires. It handles like it should, a fuel injected 85 HP dirt bike. I use my bike a daily commuter from busy innner city freeways to single track trails and it has done eveything I expected it to do. Like most however, the seat can be a bit harsh after a few hundred miles.