F800gs pricing dilema

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by BykMyk, Dec 5, 2008.

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    I think you make a good point. In spring of 2007 I had a $500 deposit on a Hypermotard which I expected to pay sticker for as it would be the first bike to be delivered by the dealer. When I tested it and didn't love the riding position I kept my deposit with him and kept looking at other bikes in his store. The dealer knew that I really wanted a supermoto and that I was probably going to buy something from him. I wound up buying a 950SMR with a slight discount from MSRP, maybe $500 or so. Because I was so excited about finally getting a bike after waiting so long, (it was august now) I did not investigate pricing on the 950, which dealers around the country were starting to discount more aggressivley because they weren't moving well. So what do you think this dealer is thinking when I walked into the store the other day to look for a bike to replace my R1200GS. I'll tell you what-"theres my boy who paid almost full sticker for that 950SMR, Lets see if I can bag him for the same on this new bike he's looking at."
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    Mike, I think you did the right thing because you arrived at what you thought was a fair price. You obviously thought that MSRP was not fair. I would agree that many times MSRP is not fair. In this case you realized that the money you would save elsewhere was out weighed by the support of your community that your local dealer gave.

    Congratulations. I hope to join your ranks soon.

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    Picked up my new F8 today :clap , what a ride. I got the yellow one (faster). Can't wait 'till break in is done. Being vertically challanged, it's tall. I have to shift a little to one side at a stop, aka dirt bike style.

    Wife's a little pissed tonight, wants me to get it out of the bed !!! She said the two of us (f8-me) should move to the garage.....hope she's not too cold out there, the wife that is!

    All kidding aside I'm very pleased, I even got the optional clunk in the front end :lol3 ! Will post pic later.


    Let's Ride!
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    I think you did great. There are a lot of viewpoints expressed but I think you'll be happier with your local dealer, especially when you bring it back to get the clunk fixed. I got that taken care of today on mine at my local dealer during the 600 mile service.