F850 GS ADV - wind deflectors

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Would you remove the wind deflectors on GSA 850?

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  1. Kwafo

    Kwafo Two wheeler

    Mar 3, 2013
    Netherlands a.k.a. flatland
    Finally made the decision to remove the wind deflectors.

    Great in rain and winter, but annoying in hot weather and a pain in the *** to clean. Bad design if you ask me, also very unhandy to remove. If you make it hard to clean, make at lease easy to remove and clean. Also the wind deflectors causes paint scuffs on fairing.

    Looks are still okay if you ask me. In the winter the will get back on the bike.

    Still, not possible to mount barkbusters, have to wait for my bar risers (another design error).

    Though the bike rides great, love the driving characteristics ;-)

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