F850GS wants to head west: Ann Arbor to Phoenix ride starts Sept 21

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    May 30, 2019
    Ann Arbor - Soon Phoenix
    Well, the cold is coming, and its time to take the bike to her winter home. I'll be leaving Ann Arbor area Saturday, Sept 21 and riding to Phoenix. Planning 7 days for the trip. I'm looking for ideas along the way. Here's what I'm thinking so far:

    Day 1: I75 South to Louisville or Lexington
    Day 2: ADV/road ride in the Red River Gorge area
    Day 3: I70 West to somewhere in Kansas
    Day 4: I70 West to Colorado Springs
    Day 5: Pike's Peak, easy ADV trails in the area
    Day 6: CO 50-->CO92-->CO550 through Durango to Gallup New Mexico
    Day 7: I40-->AZ87 to Phoenix

    I really enjoy landscape photography, so I figure there will be several, quick photo stops along the way. Upgraded my seat (SeatConcepts) and windscreen (Madstat)...and don't believe the freeway stuff will be all that bad (just booooring).

    My riding history: Purchased my first motorcyle in June of this 2019. I've racked up 3500 miles in Ann Arbor area, including one trip to SE Ohio (Triple Nickel). Have about 300 miles dirt roads, but almost all of it straight and boring. Running Annakee 3's, so I'm not planning to do BDRs or single-track...

    So, lets hear some ideas. I'm using Google maps to create the GPS track, and can share if folks are interested.

    So, is the Red River Gorge worth a day? Should I just Highway it to Colorado Springs, and spend two days riding before moving on to Gallup NM?

    No offense intended -- but is there a way to make Kansas more enjoyable than I70...?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you all share!!