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    Tricepilot and Loutre are the moderators for the Face Plant forum. Feel free to contact us if you have site related questions that you can't otherwise find answers for. Please read the thread rules before starting a new thread in Face Plant.

    Site Rules
    Standard site wide rules are found here

    Keep in mind that the behavior that is "acceptable" in the basement does not fly in Face Plant or other upstairs forums. Keep the interaction civil.

    Thread Rules
    In addition to site wide rules, please follow the general posting guidance for this forum:

    (1) Start a thread in this forum only if the story is about an actual get-off, which has happened to you or someone you know personally.

    No stories about near misses.

    No gore pics or links to gore pics.

    No video links/links to news stories that aren't related to you or a friend/family member.

    (2) Share your stories about motorcycle related biffs. Crash stories about cars, bicycles, skateboards or other modes of conveyance are interesting but don't belong here.

    (3) What you post here gets archived in the great world wide web and cannot be controlled or deleted by us. Think before you post. If you think you may become a party to a legal action based upon your accident, think long and hard before hitting the Submit button. Once posted, it cannot be completely deleted. You may be able to edit your first post, but if you wait longer than an hour or two, web crawlers will already have it.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.