Fantasy mini-ADV twin.....

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  1. danketchpel

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    Jun 1, 2010
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    I really wish Honda offered that CB500X in an uprated Rally Raid format as a Africa Twin Lite.
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  2. Enfield

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    Sep 10, 2014
    They have gotten closer with the newer models, but it seems like they are afraid to go all the way.
  3. Hamamelis

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    Oct 12, 2016
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    Simple fact is, Honda knows the average rider doesn't need more than what's there already, and it's more economical for them to accept the aftermarket than to fight it. Besides, those RRP components are pretty high-shelf compared to anything Honda would be interested in selling mass-market

    Edit: also, it is my personal opinion that the 500x is far more of a Transalp successor than a Halfrica Twin
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    Speaking of which-- Honda just reapplied for the TransAlp copyright. I think a smaller displacement AT with the 19/17 spoked tubeless wheels from the VFR1200X would hit the sweet spot.

    Although, given that the regular AT is pretty much in the "middleweight" weight class as it it; just add the 19/17 and the ES electronics and call it a day.

    That seems like it would be a no brainer.
  5. Gryphon12

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    Several months ago, folks asked here on ADVRider about updating the Aprilia RSV/SXV 450/550 V-Twins for adventure riding. My reply at the time was that you can't just detune or retune the ECU. You'd have to change the cams (valve timing and lift, even valve size) to get a more reliable and tractable engine. This might give you a great very light-weight motorcycle, taking advantage of an existing design. Maybe even be closer to the Unicorn bike. If it could meet Euro 5. And if Aprilia could get out of their own way (ego?). However, Aprilia is pursuing the 660cc P2 motor for a Toureg middle weight, which is still a full weight class heavier in my book.

    I've been thinking about my original response, which was confirmed by some folks who actually build motors. I continue to wonder: how much work it would really be? If Aprilia owns the design through all of the corporate machinations, why not try? I know that Unicorns are pipe-dreams, but this rumination has a basis in existing hardware. Does anyone have an educated opinion? Do any Inmates in the EU or Italy have any insights into the thinking within Aprilia? Maybe it's too much Covid-19 time, but I'm really curious.
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    May 5, 2008
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    I have always lusted after the RsV and SXV twin cylinder dirt/supermoto models from Aprilia and like you thought they were absolutely the ticket for ADV light bikes. However at close to 300lbs and 70 HP, time may be catching up with what was once a exceptional platform. Re-mapped and unplugged, the KTM 500 will push close to 70hp, with a dry weight claimed near 235lbs. Even the 690's are at 320lbs and north of 70hp. The lack of larger tanks was what held me back in the mid 2000's from buying one. Also the motors were a bit unreliable. But I remember being passed at Road America racing supermoto by them and just drooling over the bikes!