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    Hey all, looking for some advice on how you would proceed. I have an 07 525 EXC which is gathering dust. The engine is torn down and out of the bike but I've decided not to rebuild it. So now I have a roller with some spare parts. Problem is, it's titled and plated in Virginia and I'm in CA now. I was thinking about parting the engine out on ebay for whatever I could get for the bits but I'm not sure that's even worth the time. I'm assuming a CA title would make it more valuable but enough to justify doing it? Is it even possible to have the title transferred to CA in non running order? Should I just start parting out the whole bike? Anyway, just trying to hash out some thoughts. Waddyathink?
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    Mar 19, 2014

    My understanding 07 model 525exc was factory 50 state legal ..so California title should not be a issue.

    07 best year for a rfs bike.

    RFS bikes are having spare parts issues.

    I understand KTM has is NOT replenishing spare parts supply in the USA any more

    Good luck

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    The RFSs have held their value well. The factory street legal 07 should be particularly valuable, given it is the only way to get a street legal RFS in many states which don’t allow dirt to street conversions. Of course you lose a lot when dealing with a non running rolling chassis. Shipping across the country has run me $400-500 in the past. So it doesn’t seem to me that shipping to CA makes sense.

    You didn’t say what motor problems are. If a complete rebuild by a pro is needed, you can easily spend $3k. Say $700-800 if just top end. Ballpark 30-40% savings if DIY

    Good luck
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    It's a completely hopeless situation. Therefore, you should rid yourself of this mental anguish by shipping the whole mess to me with your signature on the title. :lol3

    Actually, I had pretty good look selling rollers with a clean title for a couple of hundred dollars. You would likely get a couple of hundred more than I got for Japanese dual sports. Throw in a rebuildable milk crate special engine and you might get a couple of hundred more. But I doubt you would ever get more than several hundred dollars even for something as desirable as an 07 EXC525.

    Having parted bikes out on eBay, if I were going to do it again, I would advertise the whole mess for several hundred dollars on CL. Fuck selling motorcycle parts on eBay. I would start higher than reasonable then lower my price every couple of weeks until it sold. It would likely work out to about the same money as parting it out minus the serious pain in the ass of shipping stuff and dealing with people on eBay.

    Or, again, you should just rid yourself of the headache by shipping it to me .......

    I guess my reaction should tell you that somebody would be interested in buying the bike as is. I just wouldn't expect to get a lot for it with the engine in boxes. But that clean title and VIN are worth something. As said, I would try to sell it as a whole bike. Because somebody like me will probably make you an offer.
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    What's wrong with the motor?
    Feel free to PM me if you want to sell it.
    I may be interested.
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    If it's a legit 07 street legal frame, that alone would be worth a bit to a guy with a dirt only RFS that wants to make it street legal.