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    Hi All,
    I'm planning on a trip around Zion/Bryce canyon. I'll be following the girlfriend who will be driving my car with her mom. I'll be on a 1290 Super Adv S.

    This trip will be the first week of November. I was hoping to get some pointers/feedback.
    Please see the attached picture for the route.

    One area that I'm unsure of is Hole In The Rock Road. I'm not sure if camping is allowed off the road.

    Thanks everyone for looking!

    Tony Capture.PNG
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    Cant say much on the hole in the rock road but make sure you keep an eye on the weather its already freezing at nights around Bryce and the weather in southern Utah can change on a dime next Monday there forecasting snow on a good portion of this route.
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    Last year I camped about where your green dot is right off of hiway 12. Dispersed camping. You can see the area on google earth. We only rode about 7 miles down HITR road looking for a better site but didn't find any. Pretty sure there are not any improved campgrounds on that road. You should be able to disperse camp most anywhere but I'd check the BLM website to be sure.
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    I just got back from riding that area.
    They received zero moisture this past monsoon season (August/September) so there is more dust and sand than is typical on the dirt roads. More notably, the washboards are pretty bad on most dirt roads.
    Having said that, Hole-in-the-Rock Road is in pretty good shape. It's typically good down to Picaboo and Spooky slot canyons and then gets progressively worse as you continue South. I only went down as far as Devil's Garden and then turned up Left Hand Collette Canyon.
    There is a ton of good dispersed camping along Hole-in-the-Rock. One good spot is just before Picaboo on the East side of the road in some rock formations. (37.50194, -111.26697).
    Escalante is a nice town with some good options for food and lodging. Escalante Outfitters has good food, tent pads out back and some small little cabins (if available). Georgie's has some great Mexican food with outdoor dining.
    Highway 12 between Escalante and Boulder is just incredible, not to be missed... even if you just do it out and back. Your GF and her Mother will love the drive.
    At Boulder, head out onto the Burr Trail, also very scenic... if you go far enough, it becomes an easy dirt road and drops down some incredible switchbacks. The paved section would be another scenic drive that your GF/Mother would enjoy. The dirt sections are also OK for passenger cars.
    Hell's Backbone is the typical scenic backcountry loop out of Escalante. The dirt sections have some washboard.
    I did not ride out on Cottonwood, but I hear it has (you guessed it) bad washboards this year.
    I did take Skutumpah and Glendale Bench Roads, I would avoid Skutumpah... there are some bike eating giant holes filled with silt near Willis Creek. I made it through on my loaded 990 but it was dicey!

    As Alpha 1 noted, Bryce and Escalante are at a higher elevation. They are starting to get cold at night. This week was very pleasant, not freezing at night, yet! Plan accordingly.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. I know the area pretty well.
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    taking the 12 east out of Torrey to the 95 east will give you the most scenic miles in the area, speaking from having spent 7 days in the moab area and another 3 in escalente. this will take you north over the hog back out of escalente which is a great short ride while the previously mentioned 12 to 95 some 80 miles of awesome sights.
    Just not much in between, unless you primitive camp along the Colorado river.
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