Fin and MechanicO: Last Boat To Cuba

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    Sep 27, 2013
    Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but here are some changes/updates on the Stahlratte and Captain Ludwig that affects us all:

    Looks like there is a new website for the Stahlratte by its new owners.

    Check out the gallery as there are many pictures of the boat now on dry dock being worked on. Looks like they plan to do a major rehaul. She needs it!


    And in this thread posted here on ADVRider:

    Captain Ludwig (Lulu) is now organizing motorcycle transports on the old route Carti/Panama to Turbo/Colombia (not with Stahlratte!).

    He is working together with AARON FERNANDEZ in Panama who has the big launches to carry bilkers and bikes in a 2 day tour from Carti to Turbo.

    It is a fast inshore water tour with one overnight stay on a Kuna island including food.
    There are no fixed dates by now and they need to reorganize everything.
    They need a minimum of 4 bikers and bikes for each run.
    They can organize a max of 12 bikes and bikers for the moment.
    The price will be 850usd per bike+rider.

    Please contact
    [email protected]
    directly if you have plans for this route.


    Looks like Captain Ludwig has joined a new boat and is offering the trip from Panama to Colombia. This is great news for all of us.

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    Fin, thanks for posting these updates. The german site describing the Stahlratte overhaul is interesting, and very glad to see that the Stahlratte is being well looked after and 'honored', instead of scrapped.

    Some of those photos of flaky thin steel are kind of worrying— good photos to see AFTER your trip was complete and you were safely back on dry land : )

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    Outstanding. Thanks, Fin.
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    Great report, excellent pics and jornalism capacity!!!. Thanks a lot for sharing!. Cheers