Firearms through Canada to Alaska

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    For my second post I was thinking about asking what is the best oil:evil

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    News Flash!!

    I was just up there a couple of summers ago, and I'm happy to report:

    Everything's under control in Alaska! They even have regular, full-time law enforcement with radio dispatched vehicles and everything!

    Somehow, I survived for two weeks in Alaska without a firearm. Don't ask me how I did it, but like I said, they've finally got everything settled down -- the miners are back to work panning for gold.

    The "Last Frontier", is probably a heel of a lot safer than riding a motorcycle to Lake Tahoe California. There are far fewer criminals per thousand population in Alaska than you'll find in California. And by the way, if you ever shoot a bear, even in "self defense", you are required to completely field dress it and take the fully intact hyde (including head), to the nearest Fish and Game office and fill out a report.