First Annual H2H GTG

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    I’m Headed 2 Hyder arriving August 9th and leaving after breakfast August 11th. If any other riders in the area wish to get together please do.

    A loose itinerary is dinner at the Seafood Bus on the 9th around 6pm with drinks at the Glacier Inn afterwards with the opportunity to get “Hyderized”

    Breakfast at the King Eddie around 8:30am on the 10th

    Midday antics on the 10th are stopping at the bear viewing area, a ride up to Salmon Glacier, and riding the areas mining roads.

    Dinner on the 10th at the Glacier Inn say 6pm with a campfire out on the spit to follow weather permitting. Alternative site is at Camp Run A Muck on the north end of town. BYOB

    Sunday morning is breakfast at the King Eddie.

    This is very informal and no body shaming will be permitted. There is no sign up, and anyone can pick or choose with zero obligation. No fees for anything required or expected (just pay your own way)...just good camaraderie.

    Feedback appreciated.
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    I might be in the area about then. If the timing works I will stop in
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