First Ride this year

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    With 60 deg temps I really needed to get out on the scooter. I also had some new gear to try out. I used to trip to go to the state park and get this years pass. As I am just getting back into riding after 30+ years, this was my first ride in real traffic.

    I headed up 105 into Sedalia and realized I had not connect the lanyard to my airbag vest. Stopped, connected it and proceeded. Kind of useless if not connected. Turned up 85 and decided to slow about a mile or so up due to a deer slick across the road. The parts van behind me did not appreciate me slowing to 45, in the right hand lane.

    proceeded uneventfully to the park office starting to feel part of the bike. Bought my pass and proceeded to another park nearby that i knew had some gravel roads. I purposely went to get different conditions. Lots of motos out.

    Got a little gravel practice in, reminding myself to relax. Practiced standing also, the bars are a little low.

    Headed back towards home. the wind was picking up and pushing me around. This made for an interesting ride. Made it home. In all a nice 65 mile ride.

    I did not stall or drop the bike. The stretch panels on my pants ventilate well. Still need a lot of low speed practice and to get used to my MX boots. Shifting is getting better with said boots. I was feel very comfortable on the bike by the end of the ride.
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