Fitting a scott oiler...

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    Oct 3, 2003
    Here's mine (not quite fully plumbed):


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    Feb 16, 2006
    looking for a smaller house & bigger shed.
    it's 2 years since this was added to. Not being hugely mechanically minded, it took me adges to get around to installing a scottoiler. I waited until I did my first oil/filter change after the warranty period finished.

    The problem I had was trying to confirm the various instructions that are mentioned in the above links - especially when it comes to finding the correct hoses to cut. :eek1 Much trepidation.

    I eventually worked it out, but figured that I wouldn't be the only one looking for clear photos. So I took some.

    The right side of my 2005 950. There are 3 rubber tubes along the frame tube. The vacuum tube that is to be cut is the small tube that connects the inlet tract of the rear cylinder with the SAS cannister behind the airbox. (Note that the tube from the front cylinder connects to the rear of the airbox, but I can't see where it vents from there.)


    This photo shows the relevant vacuum tube. The vacuum tube from the front cylinder is pulled out of the way.


    Slice the vacuum tube cleanly through and inset the Scottoiler T piece. Tight fit. I couldn't force the tube any further than this.


    The black elbow is the Scottoiler 'damper'. Simply push it on to the T piece and then connect the damper to the Scottoiler using the supplied vacuum tube.


    I was going to mount the oiler on the front of the crash bars (that's why the elbow is pointed to the front), but I couldn't find a path across the frame for the oil supply tube that I was happy with the tube remaining below the height of the oiler. The oiler opens via the inlet vacuum, but oil feeds via gravity.
    So I just put it into the tool tray under the seat. Not entirely happy with that but :bore
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    No room under seat with ABS so after much thinking and trying settled on this position. Visible, easy fill (just lift shock adjuster lever) easy adjust.
    Triwi (downunder)
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    Aug 9, 2005
    I have mounted my scottoiler at exactly the same place :clap