Fitting Magura Hymec clutch on AT with Barkbusters - spoiler alert: no problems here

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    Hey all,

    Had hand surgery for carpal tunnel on my throttle hand (amazing), and now want to deal with the milder issues on the clutch side. Saved up my doubloons for a Hymec clutch, and just wanted to say a few words, and show some pics of it installed on the AT with my Barkbusters. It's too goddamn cold here for a ride review so it'll have to wait.

    1) Extremely easy to install, even for an orangutan like me. You do not need to remove the side panels, and you can loosen the bolt affixing the hanger down under the tank that is referred to in the manual. I saw this tip over on another forum, and it was helpful. They also said you have to stick your tongue out at just the right angle and I can confirm this. You have to be patient and have good light (and smaller hands than me). I did end up unknowingly kinking the line as I fed it through the hanger down in the bowels of the engine bay (think breech birth). I should have just been patient and backed it out, but I couldn't really see what was happening. I am a big fan of "pull harder" when something resists. It came through, but the line was kinked, and showed a little dimple where it bent. I used some linesman pliers to un-dimple it and it looks and seems to work fine. Hope I didn't completely f- it up.

    2) For the life of me I could not get a full throw on the lever. I was sure I screwed it up, and after a temper tantrum that I am not proud of I noticed that the adjusting nut was smacking into the back of the huuuuge button box (see pic). I "carefully" etched away about 2 mm with a blade, and it seems to be all good now. Very smooth action compared to stock. I honestly cannot tell if it is any lighter, but we'll see.

    3) Be aware, you have to CUT the switch wiring and splice on their connecting doodad which plugs into the lever mount. They do provide some nifty little self soldering shrink tubes. I did not like this at all, and I have no clue why it is not provided with the same little plugs as the stock levers. It's pretty much permanent now. Hope I like it. The lever perch is really quite different than the stocker. The instructions DO NOT mention this step at all. I had to deduce it by the mismatch on the plugs, and the wire and shrinky thingys they provide. Not cool for this price (other wise very well made).

    4) Finally I had no issues with the Barkbusters interfering. I just loosened the BBs and shoved things toward the right to get the right position on the new lever, and re-tightened. Looks good actually. Lever is very long, so the ball nearly touches the BB, but seems fine.

    As I mentioned the perch is a very different layout to the stock perch, which results in the mirror mount being moved in toward the rider about 2 inches. I will get used to the asymmetrical mirror placement I'm sure, but it's a little weird for an AT specific product (like the plug issue).

    Anyway. I hope this info is good for anyone considering the Hymec system on the AT and wondered about Barkbuster clearance.


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    How much lighter is it?

    Asking for a friend.....
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    I went the hella cheap route and ordered chinesium shortie levers from day one. Easy pull and a whole $25 bucks expanded.
    Hope it works well for you!