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Flea Market Rules & What Goes Where in the FM

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Retro, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. Retro

    Retro Just the Facts Ma'am Super Moderator

    Jan 15, 2003
    Flea Market Rules

    The FM is for inmate to inmate sales only. All sales and trades etc. are buyer beware.

    If you see a problem click the "report this" link and we will look into it.

    When an item is sold, found, gone or if you withdraw it from sale please edit your thread title by adding a Prefix - top right of your original post > Thread Tools > Edit Title > Popup > Drop down > select the appropriate Prefix.

    Old ads get locked after 30-45 days of inactivity.

    If you fail to meet the simple rules, the ad gets removed. We do not have time to point out each failed ad, so if your ad vanishes check the rules before re-posting.

    • If it is not yours, you cannot sell it here. This applies to responses to WTB ads.
    • No outside links: Craigslist, eBay, Kiji... Mentioning sales on these sites, or others, will be treated the same way as if you posted the link; we will remove the thread. Similarly, if you state that it is listed locally or employ some other linguistic gymnastics, the thread will be removed. This also applies to WTB ads. Directing people to these sites will result in the removal of your posts, as well as thread, forum, or site bans for those who do it repeatedly.
    • Each ad needs a clear location* and each item needs a price (trade value WTT), pics are optional but your ad will be much better if they have them. *Please note your profile location no longer shows on mobile devices.
    • No bumping your thread within 5 days, we may remove the bump or we may remove the entire thread.
    • Multi item sales (3 or more of the same item) go in vendors, if we find one it is gone. We have a vendors forum.
    • Spam - this gets nuked and you get banned.
    • No posting of PMs or private info - instant ban.
    • No firearms or related items allowed, this includes illegal weapons of course.
    • This is not Jo momma, Jo Momma type posts will be removed and the inmate may be banned. The Flea Market is not a discussion forum: Please do not crap in the seller's thread with negative comments such as "your price is too high, your item is in bad condition," etc.. Use the Report link to inform Moderators of such violations.

    Let's keep it nice and about the sale. Helping each other out vs. making a profit is what this is about.

    Remember this place is free of charge so if you sell something, don't forget the donate button to keep it going.

    What goes where in the Flea Market?

    A common question lately is : Where do I post my _____________?:dunno

    The answer is pretty simple - it goes in one of the 4 subforums:

    1. Bikes - Anything with 2 wheels and a motor. Well, maybe 3 if it's a hack or road designed trike. Whether you are selling it, want to buy it, or want to trade it for another bike or something else, Bikes is your place.

    2. Parts - Bike parts go here. Also, accessories (aka "farkles"), as well as bike electronics like GPS units, mounts, com systems, panniers & frames, racks, tank & tail bags, extra wheels, tubs for hacks, and the like.

    3. Gear - - Think ATTGAT. Clothes, gloves, boots, helmets, etc. designed or used specifically for riding. This does not include climbing boots, your fave pair of Vans, Orange County hoodie, etc. That stuff goes in Other

    4. Other - If it doesn't fit into one of the above categories, it goes here - like ATV's, radar detectors, cars, trucks, capuccino makers, washers and dryers, drag cars - we've seen it all. Most time it's tents and camping gear, non-ATTGAT clothing, and the like. This includes items you may want to trade for a motorcycle, or other item, but do not fit the kind of item that should be listed in that category.

    Above all - be sure to first read the Flea Market Rules above.

    And if you have any questions, PM one of the flea market mods listed at the bottom of the page.
  2. barnyard

    barnyard Verbal tactician Super Moderator

    Sep 23, 2007
    central Mn

    Very recently, the Flea Market has been opened to the public. That means that your ad will show up in google searches and you may see a 0 or 1 post user inquire about your ad. Be very vigilant. We have already banned scammers and have had other alerts regarding PMs that did not seem legit.

    If you have any doubt, if you have an uneasy feeling, if something does not seem right, pay very close attention to those feelings. Do some due diligence. Many of these scams are cut and pastes. If you cut and past the PM into google and you see results that match, that is probably a bad sign. DO NOT USE PAYPAL GIFT!!

    We are trying very hard, but you need to do your part too.
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