Flying to Ethiopia today

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    Thank you for the amazing trip report and good luck with the next adventure.

    If you ever get time is it possible to give a quick run down on the luggage and gear you used. Im sure you have got to be an absolute pro with gear selection and then having so many choices of your own luggage systems it would be awesome to hear what you used and why.
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    May 19, 2020
    Addis Ababa

    I am sorry to hear that it doesen't worked out at the end.

    I am staying in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia and might assist. A friend of mine is about to start a Motorcycle rental . Same bikes you bought last year. So if you are interested to rent a mototcycle for a reasonable price, even with someone accompanying you during the tour, no problem.
    I would be happy to help you guys for another fantastic adventure without any loss of money.
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    Sorry to say you were very naïve.
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    I don't believe that's the right word.
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    I'd say 'trust, but verify'. When you're on the opposite side of the world, anything can happen. I'm more sorry to hear that you lost your friends. Bikes can be replaced.
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    Someone's got a negative outlook on the world
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    Jan 27, 2020
    I suffered a near death anaphylactic reaction to bed bug bites sleeping in a cheap hostile in Lallibela during Timkat in 1997. I woke up middle of the night itching my face, felt my heart beating horribly, woke up the other westerners staying at the hostile. They at first thought i was crazy or high or something. It was a horrific feeling as i started to loose my vision, fought a sense of extreme panic, just like a panic attack, but with real physical expressions of symptoms. Within a few minutes i lost consciousness and suffered severe convulsions. I regained consciousness for a brief moment and realized i was on a stretcher being carried thru the streets at night before going down again. Eventually i came to, early daylight as dawn broke, in heavy convulsions with lots of blankets on me. I was weak and obviously freaked out next couple days. I didnt then really know what had happened, or what brought it about. Fast forward 8 years on a business trip in California i had a similar reaction staying in a hotel. I gathered up 'fleas' i found on my pillow, itchy face and all and went to the lobby, only to start feeling faint. Paramedics were called and they saved my life with a shot of benedryl. Curiously the paramedics saved the bed bug samples i had carried to the hotel lobby. I took them to UC Davis entymology department chair. He identified them as bed bugs. At the time he told me i was the first known case of bed bug anaphylaxis. Since then it has become a known thing. I write all this to warn the OP and fellow travelers, to Lallibella and anywhere. Third World or First bed bugs are all over the place now. But overlanders are exposed to far more bed bug incidents. Meaning 'we' are more likely, much more likely, to eventually become deathly re active to bed bugs. Each time one is bit, the body becomes either more, or less, reactive. In my case, i became more. Those itchy bed bug bits in the op pic show someone who is (possibly) on the way to being reactive. I now travel with an epipen, and strongly suggest anyone traveling to remote places do the same. Bees, bed bugs, weird new food, even touching a plant or just walking past a new tree species and sniffing some fungus that grows on it, all can trigger a reaction. Have a nice day.
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    May 27, 2014
    Just wow. I feel that my understanding of the world Is a bit better thanks to your experience. Thanks for writing about it.
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    Wow! Just discovered this thread and read it through in one go. I love Ethiopia. The people are awesome. I traveled there in the 1980's, including a 25-day raft trip down the Omo River from just south of Addis to the Kenya border. Lots of giant crocks and unfriendly hippos. What fun!
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    Ethiopia wouldn't have been my first African choice. I guess that's why I like Pete and Ash so well. They just do it and I love the results.