For Ireland... BMW Nav V or Nuvi 200 also Garmin maps?

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    So, headed to Ireland in a couple of weeks. In a car not that it matters per se.

    So two questions. First, we are megalithic freaks and are plotting out our wish list of off the beaten path points of interest. We are using the Garmin Base camp for this. What do you guys think of the Garmin maps for Ireland? I need to order in the next day or so.

    Secondly, the Nuvi is old but it works and I got it for free. I am considering it as it was free and any loss is no big deal as opposed to the Nav V off my bike which I would need the car cradle for.

    The thing is the Nav V is much more featured but I am not sure it is necessary. Then again I am not sure I want to skimp on something like this either.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.