For sale: Airhead GS-GSPD solo seat

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All other things being equal, I like women's breasts to be...

  1. Large with large nipples

  2. Large with small nipples

  3. Large with medium nipples

  4. Medium with large nipples

  5. Medium with small nipples

  6. Medium with medium nipples

  7. Small with large nipples

  8. Small with small nipples

  9. Small with medium nipples

  10. It doesn't matter to me

  11. Large with large nipples

  12. Large with small nipples

  13. Large with medium nipples

  14. Medium with large nipples

  15. Medium with small nipples

  16. Medium with medium nipples

  17. Small with large nipples

  18. Small with small nipples

  19. Small with medium nipples

  20. It doesn't matter to me

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