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    Welcome to Orange Crush!

    This is the place for discussing all things KTM Twin (950/990/1190/1290) Adventure and Enduro bikes.

    Please use Road Warriors for all SM, Superduke, or RC8 related discussion.

    Please use Thumpers for all single cylinder discussion.

    This is a motorcycle forum and certain types of discussion and behavior will not be tolerated so please adhere to the following guide:

    No Personal attacks
    No Spam
    No For Sale/Wanted ads (unless posted in the Flea Market link thread per the rules)
    No Vendor posts (they belong in Vendors)
    No Whining about other websites or web masters
    No Whining about our site rules
    No Posting of copyrighted material, this includes links to pirated factory shop manuals and offers to provide them electronically. We will delete this material when it's discovered.
    No trolling, this is not Jo Momma and that behavior will not be tolerated here
    No Offensive (or Racist) language beyond your garage variety swearing

    If you see any posts violating the above rules or the site wide rules feel free to use the "report post" feature and let the mods handle the offending post(s). Instigating the offender only escalates the situation and requires more mod work. Don't feed the trolls as they say.

    The OC is a premiere resource for KTM big twins discussion and we want you to enjoy your time here. Help us continue to increase the signal by giving some consideration to the content you post. Are you adding to the discussion with your post? Let that question serve as a guide for your participation.

    Thanks for taking the time to read our rules, all the best from the mod team. :ricky
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.