Garmin 395 Trip Planner Route Failure

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    Dec 25, 2008
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    So I have a 395lm which won't route correctly.

    Opening a route in trip planner it wants to direct you to your selected start point...wonderful.

    Once you arrive at the start point it should start you on the planned route. It don't! What it does do is redirect you to the start point ignoring your planned route.

    It does it to any route in trip planner. All other functions work fine.

    Have contacted Garmin who sent me reset instructions and web updater to reinstall it's software...Groovy! Did that, took 10 mins

    So I set the device to warn me if I was going off route (otherwise it's some time up the road before you realise its taking back to where you came from) and this time when it got to the start point the "off route recalculation" screen popped up and then froze! :baldy

    Have sent Garmin another email with a picture of the frozen screen but has anyone else had this sort of problem?