Garmin Map Legend?

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by River-Runner, Dec 21, 2017.

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    Is there a way to obtain the legend for Garmin maps? Starting plan trips with the GSA versus the KTM690 - there are places a 690 can go that "MY" GSA should not go...

    What do all the road types and trail types mean? Symbols? Topography?
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    I guess there are legends someplace. But I have learned them thru experience.

    It depends on the map software.

    In City Navigator nearly all dirt roads are shown as two dashed lines. This applies for the hardest to the easiest.
    Minor paved roads are shown as a very faint single gray solid line and are difficult to see on the GPS unit.

    Topo maps have a little richer legend set. Good dirt roads are shown as wide white solid lines. Primitive roads are shown as narrower lines. And trails show up as single dashed lines. In Topo 24k primitive roads also show up as double dashed lines.
    On the GPS unit good dirt roads show up in red and primitive roads show up in light gray for Topo 100k. I can't remember if this is true for Topo 24k.

    This web site has good road quality info for some areas. For some roads you can click on the road and the program will tell you how difficult it is.

    If you are concerned about a particular road you can always go to the proper ADV regional forum and ask about how hard it is. You will get a variety of answers and will have to filter them.

    Another good source of road difficulty are jeep forums. Many have very detailed descriptions of lots of jeep routes. Search for something like "Arizona jeep trails"