Garmin World Map? vs base map in Zumo...

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    Ok, so I'm a bit confused, and if this has been anwered, my apologies. But I'm about to launch a run from US to TDF. I'm a Zumo user, and it has a base map in it that seems to cover "down south" in a very simple, "only the big roads and towns" way. But is the "World Map" that Garmin sells better? I just don't want to buy the silly thing and then find out it is the same thing I already have.

    anyone who can help -- MANY thnx...
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    Nov 19, 2009
    I think you will find that your 2009/2010 North America map will not provide any detail south of the border. The world has only slightly beter detail. World does not support routing on the Zumo. My zumo 2010 does not have much detail south of the border. I loaded Garmin Mexico for that part of the world. south of Mexico I will use world. Be sure to load your maps on SD cards while you are at home and to test all before you leave. A net book with mapsource is a good idea for the road. The maps will only load to a SD card via your Zumo using mapsource. Good luck
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