Garmins That Fit OEM BMW Cradle?

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by jrsbike, Oct 13, 2018.

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    I would like to get a GPS for my 2015 BMW R1200R that would fit into the OEM cradle. I confess that for the amount of use I require that investing in a new Motorrad VI or even a used V (around $500) would be more than I want to spend. Therefore I am looking at Garmins that fit the OEM cradle. I Have been told that the 595 or 396 will NOT fit but a 660/665 will. I understand that with a non-BMW unit I will not be able to use the wheel but that's OK, as I only need it quick map reference. Can someone advise me as to which Garmins will fit the OEM cradle so I don't have to get involved with rewiring? Thx
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    BMW Nav V and VI are only units that give full interface with the bike and the wonderwheel.
    BMW Nav IV will fit,but not have full functionality and it’s screen is not as good as the newer models.

    Garmin 660/665 will fit and power up,but little to no functionality with wonderwheel.

    There are adapters out there that allow use of iPhone and others in BMW cradle,but I think they only provide power to phone.Check Amazon,etc.

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