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GasGas EC300 Top-end rebuild intervals and Clutch issues.

Discussion in '2 smokers' started by Seavoyage, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Seavoyage

    Seavoyage Been here awhile

    Dec 20, 2011
    San Francisco but mostly in Asia these days
    How often should I replace EC300 piston rings?

    Every 15 hours? 50 hrs?

    '11 EC300 with S3 High-compression head insert. Rebuilt top-end 10.2 tach hours ago. Inspection: the piston and cylinder showed no noticeable wear. Conrod big end/crankshaft, no vertical play.

    User Manual (pg 17) states: Change/Replace every 3 fill-ups (* only if it is necessary). 3 tank fill-ups is about 15 tach-hours.

    Pre-Mix Ratio:
    I've found a 32:1 rather than the Factory 50:1 ratio seems to make more power, and possibly less wear,

    Clutch issues: Catastrophic clutch basket failure. Replaced with Barnett Clutch Basket. See photo.for broken pieces and wear on clutch basket base (not ears). GoFasters commented that this was common with the OEM clutch basket.

    Note: OEM Clutch Basket Cushions are not compatible with Barnett or Rekluse Clutch Baskets. Barnett clutch basket cushions are only available from Barnett.

    Kickstart Ratchet Pinion Spring: Replaced. The spring looses tension over time, resulting in the ratchet pinion not engaging consistently. Also replaced kickstart spring and bushing. GoFasters comment that the Kickstart Ratchet Pinion on older models (Pre '07) were made from a softer material resulting in premature wear; and confirmed that the Kickstart Ratchet Pinion Spring looses tension over time.
  2. stainlesscycle

    stainlesscycle Long timer

    Jun 6, 2008
    morgantown, wv
    50 hours is probably good - you may see no noticeable wear until well after 100 hours...

    the clutch baskets issues i've seen have all been related to the rubber dampers.... and the oiling holes - there are quite a few variations of baskets - each one has it's intricacies... isn't 2011 the one with the 'redesigned' clutch basket/clutch cover? they only ran that basket for 1 year and switched back...

    i run the yamaha kickstart - the gg kickstart went through a lot of refiinements (mostly changing the length) - the early ones had a super short kicker arm... i have changed the kickstart ratchet/gear once so far... you are correct - the spring looses tension, then the ratchet engages less and less, then it starts slipping/wearing the gears. it takes only a tiny bit of wear for it to start slipping.. there were several ratchet refinements (mostly changing hardness of gears..)