Gasoline requirements?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by kilby, Feb 13, 2006.

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    Jan 4, 2006
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    The manual for my new KLR says that it requires an Antiknock index of 87, I asked my local station what measurement they use for determining octane ratings, they didn't know. I called Esso Canada and a tecnician returned my call saying that in Canada all gasoline is AKI rated, this means that KLR's need only regular and technically putting higher octane in won't make any difference....Does this make sense? Canadian fuel is supposed to be better than whats available in the States, what are the octane ratings of Pemex in Mexico? Many KLR's make that trip, how do they fare on that fuel.
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    Yep, the KLR is perfectly happy on regular.

    My gas mileage drops quite a bit if I run Gasahol though.
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    Don't they have to post the rating on the pump (yellow sticker)
    States use an average of Research and Motor
    the sticker has the formula (R+M)/2
    As far as better or worse depends on who you talk to tree huggers will tell you one thing... motor heads would diagree. Things like alcohol and lead can change the octane.

    I think you can learn a lot on the VP fuels web site

    I can tell you that most gas stations don't know crap about gas. They just want to sell beer and cigs
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    KLRs, DR, and XRLs run fine on Cdn regular, however when its real hot in summer they run better on high test. Detonation can occur with reg under heavy load when hot. High test cures that. Also seem to get a little better gas milage with high test. In Mexico, make sure you buy their high test and add octane boost or it will ping under load.
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    Gasoline octane ratings in Canada and the USA are rated the same, always have been. The only difference is that 94 octane is readily available in Canada, which is not the case in the US.
    The engineer is of course correct. You are wasting money by buying high octane for your KLR. These days, high octane fuels relieve pre-ignition in high compression, and obsolete cumbustion chamber equipped engines by use of an actual flame inhibitor. So, you are actually reducing power and fuel mileage by using "high octane".
    Ciao, Steve G.