GCBAR - Grand Canyon Backcountry Adventure Route - The Complete Route

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    Dave didn't include Kelly Point in his GCBAR route, I have a kid named Kelly thought it would be fun to ride.
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    I haven't been out to Kelly Pt yet. It would add about 30 miles of rugged out and back in a section that is already too long for fuel range. I hope to make a special ride just to get there 1 day. It's supposedly pretty rocky the whole way.
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    ^^^echo that. Don't ride alone, especially on a 600 lb bike. It's a rule I've forced myself to abide by as I've just seen too much that's easily resolved when you have a buddy and 2nd bike along.

    Yeh, it's impossible to quantify what size bike is good on most any route. I spent considerable time at the top of various Colorado BDR passes this summer with my fully loaded 1200 GSA. A lot of riders there were complaining how hard it was on their 690 or 640 and they should have ran their 300's instead. It boils down to what you are comfortable on. I love my bike and am really comfortable with running it in tough conditions. If you are in love with your bike then just ride it until you can't, then turn around. That turn around point is different for each one of us.
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    I've been there a couple times. It is rocky...your butt won't be spending much time touching the seat and your knees will get a good workout. And it is forested all the way so you have to stay in the middle of the road or risk getting your knuckles rapped with a cedar branch that doesn't bend!
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    Epic thread! Glad I came across this. It is a great resource. We've got a fleet of rental bikes in Phoenix and the Grand Canyon is our #1 renter destination! Thank you for posting (oh so many years ago now)
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