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    Decided after 1400 miles that I should probably have a look at the valves since most GY6 based engines require a valve inspection at the 600 mile mark however Geniune says "As needed" which is pretty vague. Accessing the valves was not all that difficult but as usual its obvious the scooter is engineered around the engine and not the other way around. Getting access to the valve cover is easy enough but be prepared to play hand yoga with the 2 8mm bolts towards the bottom. luckily for me the bolts were only finger tight and I discovered that the top right hand valve cover bolt was missing. It either vibrated out or was never there to begin with? Interestingly no sign of oil leakage from the valve cover. However me being picky I ordered anther valve cover bolt online!

    My wild guess is perhaps the dealer had a look at the valves during PDI? Either that or someone at the factory does not know how to tighten bolts. Usually those valve cover bolts are on pretty good the 1st time and usually have to apply enough pressure until they snap loose but not in this case.

    Lucky for me the valves were spot on at .08mm. I found this kind of interesting because typically GY6 engines will have tight valves shortly after break in. Kind of glad they were in spec at least for now because actually adjusting the exhaust valve will be a challenge. I am thinking if I remove the floorboard I will get more access but it will still be awkward and it would require a lot more disassembly. I think I will be good until the 4,000 mile mark at least. It seems looking at Modern Buddy forums that typically the valves are found in spec early on and the typically don't move much. They may actually only need adjusting every 10,000 miles or so. Pretty impressive for an air cooled GY6 based engine.

    Hope to get it all back together once that replacement valve cover bolt comes in. Looks just like before that not having that 4th bolt would not cause an oil leak but I am a sucker for details so I will just replace that bolt!