Givi Trekkers on the R1250 GS

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by needles, Jun 17, 2019.

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    Hey Inmates-

    I've decided to replace my 2003 V-Strom 1000 with a 2019 R1250 GS. I've LOVED my VStrom. We've had about 120,000 smiles together but this serial monogamist wanted to try something else. My 100k ride report is here:

    I've decided on the Givi Trekker Outback but I had a few questions on them.

    1. Can you get the 58L top case and the 37 or 48 side cases and open the side cases with the top case on?

    2. My Givi E52 Maxia ( ) did an amazing job keeping the contents cool in warmer climates. Do the Outbacks do the same even though they are metal? I keep insulin in my top case so thermals are important to me.

    3. Do the black cases get hotter inside than the silver ones?

    4. On the side cases, is there any collective wisdom around 37 or 48? I think I've read some guys go for one of each.


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    Not sure if the 1250 is different,but 1200GS/A folks here have reported being able to access side cases with the 58 l Givi case in place.

    Because of the side exhaust on BMWs,the 37/48 is a good combo as it gives a more balanced look,but if you need the space go with the 48's.

    Make sure you have seen the sidecase threads here,number of hard sidecase options including Givi,Globescout,Bumot,Brooks.Many are considerably cheaper than the factory option.
    With a bit of work,Givi cases can be rekeyed to you BMW key.

    I have Globescout sidecases on my 14 GSA,my topcases are the smaller 37 liter Givi Trekker outback and the 47 liter regular Trekker.
    My Globescout cases are anodized silver,unlike the silver BMW cases which are(were?) not coated.So no aluminum marks on my gear.
    I am in CA too,but east of you,prefer lighter colored cases,it seems a bit better at keeping gear cooler.

    Check with your care provider,at least some modern insulins do not require refrigeration/cooling.
    Yes,always good to keep all meds at reasonable temps.

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    I can only really answer the first question. I have a '13 1200GSw equipped with the OBK58 top case with two 37 trekker side cases. I can report that on the right side (exhaust) the lid opens freely, but the left side (no exhaust) sits closer to the frame and the lid requires partial removal or bending of the hinge to open.
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    I have the trekker outbacks on my DL650
    Since I also live in CA I don't use the bags all that often unless I'm touring because they are wide.

    I got mine on a super sale and as such I was stuck with the one big and one small size cases
    If I was buying them new, I'd opt for two of the same size. for my needs the small bag is plenty big enough for everything that I pack (I don't camp off my bike anymore, and don't expect I'll be doing that anytime soon)

    I'm not crazy about the build quality of the bags or mounts, and I wouldn't trust them for a lot of off road work.
    I'd expect the plastic bits that hold the bag to the bag frame to fail with extended off or rough road use.

    But for on road work they should be fine, (my Givi monokey bags are 25 years old and still going strong, if a little sunfaded)
    AS for black vs silver bags
    Well I haven't noticed any real difference between my black Givi Monokey bags and my silver Trekkers, but I do like how much more visible the silver bags are

    Good luck with your new bike,