GlobeRiders Iceland DVD, World Tour, and African Adventure

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    It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to send you a GlobeRiders(TM) Update - apologies, but we've been busy!


    We have reached the magic number of qualified riders to conduct this year's World Tour 2004, the remarkable GlobeRiders adventure which embarks from Shanghai China, wends its way through China, Inner Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, The Czech Republic, and Slovakia, reaching Munich, Germany over two months later. Our hardy band of adventurers will depart Shanghai on 27 APR this year. At this time, we are accepting final applicants for this amazing journey. In a few weeks, we will begin the process of preparing motorcycles for overseas shipment and registration, along with visa applications for the tour's participants. Once that has begun, we will be unable to accept any further applications. If you were thinking of joining us, now is the time to act! Please feel free to contact us at You can see info on this year's World Tour at <>.


    Just a few weeks ago, we received our 40-foot shipping container full of customer motorcycles from last year's African Adventure. The bikes made the long journey from Cape Town, South Africa, to the east Coast of the United States, by sea. From there, by train and truck to Montreal and Vancouver in Canada, and finally home to Seattle, WA. When we first shipped the bikes to Africa for the start of the tour, they left Seattle, and the container transited through Singapore on the way. In the truest sense of the word, the motorcycles made a circumnavigation of the world!

    NEW GlobeRiders DVDs

    Helge, Sterling and Chris are very excited to announce the availability of the first in a series of travel and "how-to" DVDs from GlobeRiders - "Iceland - A motorcycling paradise unlike anywhere else on Earth." If you're sitting at home cold or snow-bound like many of us in the Northern climes, you can travel with Helge on a virtual motorcycle expedition through one of the world's most isolated countries - a magical land of fire, glaciers, austere beauty, and vast expanses of volcanic rubble threaded with trails and streams. Following soon will be two "Bike Kit" instructional DVDs, one on the BMW R1150GS, and the other on the BMW F650GS/Dakar. Both of these will cover many aspects of motorcycle maintenance, on the road repairs, and proper selection of equipment and accessories. You can see trailers of these DVDs on our website at <>.

    If you wish to order the "Iceland" DVD, it is now available through Touratech's online website at:


    If, for some reason, the above link doesn't work for you, please go to <> and search on Part No. 091-0152.


    Last year's African Adventure Tour sold out almost immediately. We have already begun initial planning for this year's tour. You can see current information on our site at <>. If Africa is in your touring plan this year, we certainly hope you'll choose to ride with us! Applications are now open. For more information, please send email to, and we will get the application and qualification documents emailed to you.

    Best Regards, and Safe Journeys,

    Mike M. Paull
    Seattle, WA

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