GNCC Finally and there is Drama!

Discussion in 'Racing' started by WFO1, Oct 24, 2021.

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    Today is the Ironman GNCC finally. As of the last race Ben Kelly was only 1 (one) point in front of Stew Baylor. So, whoever win this race will be the Champion. Hold Everything. Looks like KTM protested some riders taking a line that was out of bounds, and get this. They had Video!
    It took almost a week for the GNCC to issue a ruling and when they did Baylor has been docked 4 points. That Said Kelly won the last race by 2 minutes. Thats impressive. I smell a setup. What say you?

    Skip forward to today.
    Looks like it going to be a mudder.
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    That was an ugly but great race all around. Between Thad winning and Ben and Stew battling and Sheets over coming essentially drowning her bike to get third and win the championship. I miss KR but I liked to see a battle for the championship, haven't really seen that since Charlie got hurt year's ago.
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