Going local (and beyond) in Central Colorado

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    rrittner Racing for not last

    Jun 11, 2008
    New Castle, CO
    Ok lets finish this report. Other than see the Barber Motorcycle Museum I had no definite route planned for the trip home. , So my first stop would be Birmingham.

    My Route for the day.
    return day 1.png

    The morning that I left Indian Pass there was a heavy rain storm I had to get thru. In Colorado when it rains in the spring it gets cold, and riding in cold rain sucks . So I had about an hour of riding in the rain - but it was still about 70 degrees so it wasn't bad, took me a while to process that, I kept thinking I should later up!!

    I got to Birmingham and the weather was clear and warm. Got a hotel for two days. Was really looking forward to going to the museum.

    Barber Motorcycle Museum - Wow it was overwhelming, I was told over 1500 bikes. It was suggested that I start on the top floor and work my way down. So I got started and realized after about 20 bike and an hour of time that I need to get a move on. Anyway I decided to visit the few sections that I wanted to first and then visit other areas. So BMW, Eirk Buell, military.

    And the one bike I really wanted to see:
    IMG_2426.JPG IMG_2427.JPG

    Easily the coolest bike in the whole museum. It's not just the bike its the whole story behind it.
    I'm just going to post a some pictures of the bikes I really liked. IMG_2430.JPG
    IMG_2432.JPG IMG_2433.JPG IMG_2436.JPG
    BMVT4257.JPG BMVT4257.JPG GYKO4905.JPG

    I grew up in Indiana and My father had several Porsche 911's usually the T model. I would hang out with him in the garage while he work on them. Anyway we would go to the Can-Am races in Ohio at Road America when Porsche was killing it. This would have been around 1973. I'm not totally sure but I might have seen that 917 race in the Can-am's. Unfortunately the restoration area wasn't open so I couldn't read the description for the car.

    I have so many pictures from my visit to the museum. 1 day was not enough time, then entry fee was only $15, I think 2 or 3 days would have been better. The only bad part about the museum was the store - I wanted something unique - small to take back. They had small replicas on the statues that are outside of the museum. I thought ok around $50 - $75 I can fit that in my panniers and protect it with some of my clothing. $500 wow!! yea they are cool but not that cool. Nothing else in the store really caught my eye, oh well.

    I spent 3 days getting across to Albuquerque. Nothing really interesting, I had a nice camp site outside of Little Rock my first night. The next 2 days were in rain. I ended up getting a hotel in Amarillo, after a day in the rain I didn't feel like setting up a tent. I was shivering when I checked into the hotel. Got in my room cranked the heat, took a shower. Didn't even try to go out and get some dinner, just pulled out the stove and a meal packet and some snacks. The next morning was more rain. But Albuquerque was behind the storm and the prediction was sunny and warm. I put everything I had on, I almost dropped the bike because I couldn't move I was so layered up. Crank the tunes and just fucking knock it out.
  2. rrittner

    rrittner Racing for not last

    Jun 11, 2008
    New Castle, CO
    The statues outside the Museum

    My camp spot outside of Little Rock.

    I got to Albuquerque early afternoon and got some lunch, Found a camp spot outside of town. set up my tent and dried out. Took a nap in the sun and went for a walk. The area I was in had a mountain bike trail system.

    My final day route.
    final day.png
    Came across this interesting turnoff, enjoyed the view and had a snack.

    IMG_2457.JPG IMG_2455.JPG
    And back in Colorado, heading into Gateway and home. IMG_2459.JPG
    and the cleanup.
    IMG_2461.JPG IMG_2460.JPG
    It take a trip like this to make you realize how big our country is. That GSA ran like a top, There were a few times I had her sitting at 90 and flogging her hard - like getting thru New Orleans in the traffic ( I had to show all the Harley riders what the big girl can do, I hate traffic but that was fun. )

    Anyway change the oil, new rear tire and all was well. Around 4500 miles total.

    Thanks for following along.