Going Racing with Black Dog Cycle Works? What?!

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    First, thanks to @oldfuddy for sharing his experience with our skid plate on his KTM 450 and putting it through some serious race conditions!

    Back in February oldfuddy competed in the Rough Rider 100 Hare Scramble in Prescott, AZ (back before it was summer and the same temp as the surface of the sun). Bike prepped and ready to rip...


    Out doing a little pre-race play in the sand (with scorpions, cactus, and stuff)


    Back to the race at hand...in oldfuddy's words a little of what happened in the race:

    "Plate is staying on, I'm sold. had three good hits yesterday. one was right at the wp when i crashed off-camber uphill on the rock. saved the wp, but put another dent in my megabomb. I gotta get that thing covered. next was a deep "v" shaped g-out that wasn't marked good and threw many folks over the bars if they didn't get the bike slowed down enough. I came up on it way too hot with no time to slow down so I lofted the front wheel and hoped for the best. I blasted the other side of the g-out skid plate first, it was a violent hit, my left hand came off the bars and punched the hand guards (knuckles swollen today), but no damage to bike. Guy behind me found me in the pits after the race and is buying one for his 450. Said it looked like the berm edge had exploded when i hit it. Last save was when i launched off a 2' step-down into a wash and saw a rock while in the air I knew I was going to land on skid plate first and I did, hard. The rock took my left foot off the pegs. looking at the bike in the garage this am I noticed where the rock hit. Pretty sure without the plate that rock would taken out my gear shifter and possibly footpeg if not deflected by the skid plate. The plastic plate has no coverage there."


    His BDCW took a licking but he finished the race. In fact, he won his class - Super Senior 50+ C!


    Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

    Anyone out there been racing with their Black Dog Cycle Works-equipped bikes this summer? We'd love to hear where you've gone and what you've done.

    - Black Dog Cycle Works
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