Going South On A Stupid Budget And a Broken Bike

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    Awesome trip and idea. Exposure to foreign cultures, being outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself will make you a better person. Don't listen to old codger fear. Having done the trip south last year it is so totally worth it.

    However there is a plethora of information allready available. If you're on here asking for basics such as paperwork requirements, I'd question your resourcefulness required to do something like this.

    TBH if I was 18 with 7k, screw the expensive US, fly to south america and bounce around hostels and backpack, remove the drama of the bike. Pick your journey as it comes based on the people you meet along the way. Use local buses. Buy or rent a local bike if you must. Party, see the world and have the flexibility to bounce around, then easily come home when you're broke.
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    So...what happened to the OP?

    TUCKERS the famous james

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    His parents removed his internet privileges.
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    Why should he hang around here ........for the abuse?
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    As said many times on ADVRIDER; "Before you can be old and wise, you have to be young and dumb." Good luck to the OP. I'd hate to be his worrying parents....
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    I just ran across this thread today. I hope this guy is okay. I haven’t read every reply to this thread.

    My background: 39 years old. Been riding on the street since I was 20(1999). My first bike was a fairly reliable 1976 Honda CB 360T. A KZ750 may be pretty decent for the pavement, if those are his intentions. I would have to strongly discourage an 18 y/o from going on a multiple county trip solo, when he is unfamiliar with his ride. I hope he logs in and replies, just so we know he is safe.

    Others have thrown out some great advice. Service manuals, multimeters, tire repair kits, tools, and knowledge are all the best tools to help him from getting scammed. If motorcycles are a solid interest, then this guy needs to find someone who can be a “motorcycle mentor”. Also, he may benefit from a motorcycle riding school. I have never attended one, but I’m not above it. If he has to deal with an older bike for a time, he will REALLY appreciate a newer fuel-injected one later. Things he learns about the KZ750 will be applicable to other motorcycles too. If he befriends the right people, he may be able to experience an adventure (traveling with others)while minimizing his risk.

    Getting mixed up with a sport bike crowd is a bad idea. These crowds are often competitive, and have disastrous results. The KZ will be the sore loser every time. The KZ will be plenty fast on its own.

    Spending money on some riding gear is worthwhile. A comfortable full-face helmet, gloves, a jacket, and perhaps some boots and pants. I’d like to think that law enforcement looks upon a motorcyclist covered in safety gear more favorably. Not that you should be breaking the law! There is no helmet law where I live. Don’t underestimate the damage wind noise can do to your hearing. I wished I would’ve worn foam earplugs starting in 1999.

    Hopefully, this guy doesn’t blow all of his savings on one adventure. Keeping some money in the bank will give him some peace of mind.

    Motorcycling has basically been in decline for several years. The market could use a few new riders, especially ones who are interested in bettering the reputation for all motorcyclists.

    These are just a few random thoughts I had on this subject. Not necessarily well organized. Hopefully the guy who started the thread is able to read them. I’m also reaching out to newer motorcyclists who may also be reading this.

    In the adventure world I still have a long ways to go. I’m my own mechanic, but no master. I haven’t traveled that far from home yet. Self sufficiency is key for the true adventure riders. You may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from the nearest BMW or KTM dealer........
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