Going to S.H.O.T. and beyond

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    Have about 12 days off. Figuring about 300 miles a day gives me about 3000 miles of travel, so I have room to speed up and slow down. The plan is to leave mid-week so as to arrive in Valentine early Friday.

    Leaving Sunday am, but planning on continuing west. Figured to head up through the Wounded Knee area, then on through the Badlands and into Sturgis.

    Monday over to Devil's Tower and then to ?????????????????

    Choices either to Bighorn Battlefield, then a rural route east up around Teddy Roosevelt Park in North Dakota and then two lanes across the Dakotas, MN, WI and across the U.P. Down into Indiana from there.

    Or, straight west to Yellowstone and then back across the midwest.

    Or, head down towards Dinosaur Nat. Monument and Craig and Rifle area of CO, before crossing the Rockies and then East.

    I could technically reach Moab and return, but have been there several times already with Jeeps. Plus the wife vetoed that idea as I probably wouldn't return.

    Any one got input as to what to see, what weather may bring in those areas?

    KLR on factory tires so I'm staying off interstates unless absolutely necessary. 20 miles of trucking, I've already seen all the interstates anyway.

    Camping as much as possible for $$$ as I'm a cheap cunt.
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    Yellowstone is boring unless you have time to go hiking into the back country. It's more fun to ride over Beartooth Pass and then loop back to the east on the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. (296)

    But maybe what I would do is go explore the forest service roads in the Bighorn Mountains. There are great campgrounds up there and, the last time I was there, few people.

    Another great place to go exploring is in the Laramie Mountains further south. There just doesn't seem to be many people out there...an undiscovered mountain range in a sense. Of course the local ranchers know the place, but since it's not a national park, it's not overrun with people.

    Northern Colorado is a guaranteed fun place to go riding the backroads, too, if you haven't already explored there.:D