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GPSdiscount.com: Out-fricken-standing!!

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Stobie, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Stobie

    Stobie Mr. Motivated Supporter

    Jun 27, 2002
    Stanley, NC
    I recently ordered a GPS receiver from GPSdiscount.com, a Magellan Meridian Color ($295.00) with Mapsend Topo software ($78.00) and a cig. lighter power adapter ($19.00). All the prices were great, and on top of that, Magellan is giving a $50 rebate thru 12/31 if you order a Meridian and software.

    I ordered after 5pm EST on Friday, and the order still shipped the same day. Their default shipping during the Christmas season is Fedex 2nd day ($14.00+ins), with their normal shipping being Fedex ground at $5.00+ins. What the heck, it's Christmas, get it quick. I was surprised and pleased to actually receive it Monday morning.

    The only problem was, they sent me the data/power cord instead of the power cord, and I didn't want a serial plug that I didn't need (the GPS comes with a data cord) hanging out and getting corroded and full of gunk. I emailed them about the discrepancy, and got a response within the hour offering to let me keep the data/power cord or swap it out for the right one, no cost to me for either option.

    I thought about it, decided to swap them out, emailed them back to that effect. They responded telling me to just keep what I had, AND they would be sending me out the correct item. While typing a thank you email back to them, I received an email confimation that the correct cord had already shipped Fedex Overnight, so I'll have it today. So they effectively are giving me a $34 item as an apology for their mistake.

    I am stunned at such a high level of customer service. I can't imagine having a better online purchasing experience. They have won a loyal customer.

    All the usual disclaimers apply, I'm not associated with them in any way, yada yada...

    I'll post a review of the Meridian next week, with screen pics, before the rebate expires.