GPX TSE250R 2T Enduro

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    From GPX posted in FB.

    Front wheel spacer update options....
    Applies to 2019-2021 TSE and FSE 250-450 models sold before June or 2021, ALL models sold after June 2021 will have these updates installed!
    -Option 1) Front wheel spacer update, includes two wheel spacers with increased bearing support length, Use coupon code "Update Kit" and MUST include last four of your vin number in the notes section for the free set of spacer. (excludes shipping fees)
    Option 2) Front wheel spacer update, includes two wheel spacers, two wheel bearings, two axle seals, and front hub sleeve. Use coupon code "Update Kit" and include the last 4 of your vin in the notes section. Discount applies to the wheel spacers but charges for the additional bearings, sleeve and seals. Links provided below....

    Ive replaced one front wheel bearing @120 hours... this has never seemed to be a problem IMO but the updated spacers are Euro style in that they capture the center sleeve so better regardless.
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