Grand Rapids, MN to Thunder Bay? Duluth instead?

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    Is this worth riding or is it mostly high traffic urban highway- 37 to 61 up to Thunder Bay?
    A friend and I may be riding out to GR, MN from Portland-ish and I'm considering riding to Thunder Bay and back approximately in a day from there. Is it worth doing this or is it rather boring. A loop around Lake Superior has been on my bucket list since discovering this thread: and it might give me a taste for the big loop?

    I just noticed that it looks like most of 61 is several blocks (if not farther) from the lake anyway and I mostly wouldn't see it while riding??

    Is Duluth worth visiting?
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    If you're in Minnesota with time on your hands, you need to ride the North Shore. 61 offers lots of great views of the lake, even though it jogs inland at some places. I love Duluth, particularly the Canal Park area. And the view of Lake Superior from Enger Tower is friggin' jaw dropping. If it were me, I'd ride directly to Duluth, then ride up the lakeshore on 61 all the way to Grand Portage.

    The drive up 61 offers multiple state parks along the way, each offering spectacular features and views. In my opinion, you do not want to ride up the North Shore without stopping at least at a couple of the parks for a quick look around. They are fantastic and can be checked out quickly if your schedule so requires.

    As you continue up 61 past Grand Marais, the landscape changes and seems to get even more rugged and remote the further north you go. There is another state park just prior to crossing into Canada that offers an easy and relatively short hike to the highest waterfall in the state. I can't tell you anything about the ride past the border.
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    A ride up 61 to Thunderbay would give you a general idea of what the rest of the circle tour is like.

    "Is Duluth worth visiting" Not for me just another city YMMV.

    I enjoyed the circle tour and I am glad I did it would I do it again????? Maybe but I want to get to all the other cool places I want to see first.
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    Maybe I did it wrong but I was a bit disappointed with the north shore of Lake Superior because there weren’t enough views of the lake. I’m definitely glad I did it but wouldn’t do it again like I did it the first time. It’s not like the Pacific Coast Highway. Maybe I should have taken more time to divert off the main road to access the lake? It’s beautiful up there but I was hoping to see more of the lake.