Great motorcycling compliments

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  1. OhioGuy82

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    Dec 22, 2011
    When I bought my Ninja 250R went over to a friends house with a GSX-R 750.
    Who kept saying over and over.."I can't believe you bought a 250 man".. Moments later I was helping him push start his malfunctioning Suzuki....

    Karma sometimes..after that he never said one negative word about my little 250.
  2. Timber2wolf

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    Sep 5, 2007
    Colorado Springs CO
    Saturday I was riding in some easy flowing traffic. The car in front of me had three kids in it and their, I'm assuming, mother. One of the kids looked out of the back window and couldn't take his eyes off me. To be friendly I waved at the kid. He immediately notified the other kids in the car and now I had 3 pairs of eyes looking at me. So, I waved agin. Now all of the kids are waving back. As the traffic moves along, the kids are randomly looking back and waving. At one point the car changes lanes. I didn't see a reason for the lane change so I think it was to allow me to ride next to the car. Now all the kids are going nuts waving at me. As I'm able I look over and wave. It had to end when I turned down a different street. It made my day to see those kids and their reactions.
  3. xcgates

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    Mar 31, 2008
    San Antonio, Texas
    I live a street over from one of my coworkers, so we tend to see each other rather frequently on our morning commutes, though she is more likely to see me thanks to my "space shuttle landing beacon bright" suit.:lol3 Anyways, the primary route goes by a couple schools, and there are quite often kids getting walked to school. One morning my coworkers stops me, and starts in on how precious/cute/whatever it was with the kids.

    I, of course am befuddled, but she had been a couple cars back that morning, and saw me wave to a couple little tykes, probably no older than 3rd grade. Get 'em while they are young, I say!:clap
  4. Nadgett

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    Dec 13, 2011
    Maybe he was thinking of the Moto Guzzi engine used in the RQ-5 drones.
  5. Mambo Dave

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    Oct 7, 2011
    11 ft. AMSL
    Years ago, while exiting a hamburger joint in what I think was Guelph, Canada, My two riding buddies and I find a ~14 y/o kid staring at my ZX-7R. He stated gushing about how he had a poster of the very same bike at home, and how much he loved ZX-7's, etc. Very friendly.

    We geared up and began riding through town to continue our trip, but at the next stop light the boy races up and stops with his bicycle in formation with the motorcycles. He kept up with us for a while, so I figured I'd try to give him some type of show. Now I was kinda beat up from using the ZX as a Goldwing / touring bike, so i didn't want to get all crazy with a wheelie in a town where we weren't just strangers, but foreigners from another country... so with him pedalling furiously on our tail I did a "stoppie" at the next red light. It was a good one, too - rear end high up in the air, and held it for a little bit. I come off of the stoppie and look to my right for the kid to stop his bike at the red light only to see him directly beside me mimicking my stoppie with his ten-speed bike. We all got a laugh out of it, and I waved to him as we left his town.

    That really was more of a compliment on the motorcycle than on my riding ability, but I hope he finally got a motorcycle he enjoyed.

    Later on, on the same bike at Nelson Ledges race school, the compliments came from instructors and racers who were there for practice during the times we were in the classroom. Part way through the day they separated my bike and I from the two sections of students (by this time in the day it was the faster and slower students grouped together) and had me out there with my own instructor, then that instructor and an "Ohio Superbike"-team racer, then eventually alone (which isn't usually the way students are led around the track, lol, but the instructor with me had to pull off to help a rider who went off-track and fell). I still told them, and was convinced myself that, it was the bike - not me - making me look so good out there. The 1993-1995 ZX-7's were that good, even when put up against the newer generation of GSXR-750's.

    These days I get stares and draw positive attention from younger people who think my Vulcan 800 is a Harley. It's a rusted 1997 that wasn't running when I got it, and cost me all of $600, but it has loud pipes and a bright-green flame-job (neither were my doing), so I guess the teen chicks think it's a Harley.
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    Jul 15, 2010
  7. L-ucky-S-ix

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    Jun 20, 2010
    Fort C, CO
    This thread has some hilarious stories! Kept me occupied at work. Here's mine...

    Rode into my old working grounds to say 'hey' to some old friends. After that I rode around the back to employee parking and a hot redhead co-worker (fitness competitions, lingerie football) was just pulling in. She see's me on my R1100R but didn't know who it was. I flip around and pull in right behind her.
    She flirts with me a little and ending the conversation she blurts "Hey, lets hang out!" :wink:
    She never offered that before I had that bike!
  8. josjor

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    Jun 27, 2007
    The largest geological formation in the U.S.A.
    I had one of my former guitar students show up on his motorcycle and we decided to go for a ride. I was riding an '02 Concourse which is a good bike, but admittedly top heavy and a bit of a pig. I can't recall the exact model of his bike, but it's one of the 650 (?) naked bikes.

    I took the lead and there is a road with a lot of really nice twisties at one of the local parks. Think the Dragon without nearly as nice of scenery and on the flat lands. It was the off season and the road was deserted except for us. We hit the road and he was left far, far behind. I'm not an amazing rider, but I'd put enough miles on the Connie to know exactly how she handles and have been known to scuff the sides of the saddle bags in a turn.

    I got to the end of the twisties and waited for him to catch up. Then it was another few miles of fairly boring ride to a coffee shop. As we were disembarking in the parking lot he said "That was a great road back there. You've been riding for a long time."

    I thought it was a great compliment. We spent our coffee break with him asking me questions about how I get a pig to do those turns and I gave him pointers on counter-steering, using gears as braking devices, etc.
  9. John Bentall

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    Jan 11, 2011
    London UK
    I took an advanced riding test (similar to MSF) in driving rain and examined by a former motorcycle LEO. His comment ".. that was a ride your father would have been proud of..". I was over the moon.
  10. 75monza

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    Dec 23, 2008
    The Palouse
    your insane.

    your crazy.

    have you lost your mind?

    you rode today?!?!!

    What is that?

    Who makes a KTM?

    You rode that how far?

    That looks fast.

    Nice Bike.

    I want your bike (mainly the KTM here).

    List goes on and on.

    I get the best ones when out and about on my GSXG though. I was on a ferry and got talking with some harley riders. They all had bright shiney and chrome encrusted bikes. Freshly polished that morning before the ride. I on my measley 1100cc GSXG covered in dirt and bugs loaded for a week trip. They told me that I must commute on it because it was so dirty. I had to agree but then we started talking about trips. They were on their "long" trip that they do every month. It was like a 20 mile loop ride after they got off the ferry and then back on the ferry and home. About 2 hours total including the ferry ride. I told them I had just come 400 miles and had another 100 to go for the day. They looked at the bike and didn't believe it. I told them I was having a blast and that they should do it. Then I started talking about my trip to California that I did that was a hoot. I told them that I had to cut the California trip short because work called and I ended up riding the whole way home in a day. About 1100 miles one way. They wouldn't talk to me anymore. I am still not sure if that was a compliment or not.

    I was at a family members wedding and had to get away for a break so I jumped on the GSXG that I had rode there and went for a soda a couple of miles away at a convenience store. I was gearing up and getting ready to go back when some local guy wandered over from his clapped out Toyota pickup and told me that he knew my GSXG could do over 200 mph while pulling a wheelie. I just looked at him funny and told him "yeah, sure" and left. (You should have seen the faces of the people at the fancy hotel the wedding was at when I showed up on my dirty bike and told them I was here to check in. The parking lot was full of BMW's, Mercede's, and Jaguar's.)

    I think the best compliment was while on my trip to California. I was at a KOA camp ground and found a guy on an KTM 950. We complemented each others bikes and I told him I wish I was on my KTM. He wanted to know where the KTM was because I was on the GSX again. So I told him about my fuel pump problems and the bald tires. We got to talking about our KTM's and fuel pumps and bikes in general. Just chattering away for like an hour. Turns out he is here on ADVRIDER (sorry, I forgot your name/handle). I got in trouble because I was supposed to be right back to the group I was with and I was gone so long, they thought I was in trouble.
  11. pretbek

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    Oct 7, 2008
    South East PA
    The store manager of the Wawa near my office and I are on a "hey, hi <GRIN>" basis, because I am the only motorcyclist who comes there throughout the year at least once a week, looking like a 6'-5" highlighter / power ranger.

    Yesterday it was 18 degrees in the morning with a wind chill in the single digits and I was in that Wawa for a breakfast sandwich (for lunch, yeah). Ms. Store Manager was at the register and when she saw me she said "Why am I not surprised that you are on the motorcycle today!?".
  12. xcgates

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    Mar 31, 2008
    San Antonio, Texas
    A woman at work threatened to drive my sorry backside home to get my helmet after I said I came to work without one.

    I probably should have prefaced with the thought that I had recently re-registered/insured my car, and had driven that in instead of the bike. :lol3
  13. high dangler

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    Aug 6, 2011
    i was riding the Cherohola Skyway alone a few years ago on my fz1.
    It was a beutiful day and I was "in the zone " All the planets were aligned . Im sure some of you longtime riders know what Im talking about.I had ridden this 30 mile stretch a few times previous and was getting very comfortable with it.
    I was moving at a very brisk pace.I noticed a lone sport bike rider move up behind me .It was weekday, mid morning and very little traffic. He kept a respectful distance between us maybe 100 ft. . I might have picked up the pace just a little .
    He kept the respectful distance .We were railing now
    After 6-7 miles i decided to wave him by . Im old and thats my excuse! LOL! The computer in my head is not as quick as it used to be and I was getting just a little mentally drained.
    He gave a freindly wave when he passed and took it right back to the pace we were at before the pass,maybe a little more but he wasnt at 100% ,he had some talent left in reserve,. .I kept about 20 yards back.I just hung and watched.His lines were the same ones I would choose and late turn in ..He had perfect form ..Without a doubt the smoothest rider ive encounted on public roads. This goes on for another 10 miles and he pulls into an overlook . I follow him in for a chat. I want to compliment his riding .
    He's middle aged guy ,full leathers cbr 600 and I suspect a local to the area..He pulls the helmet off and says "man i sure got nervous when you waved me by , I was having such a good time just following you."
    I said "i'll take that as some kind of compliment but i felt I might be holding YOU up." He said" No way man"
    He was really a better rider than I but he was such a gentleman about it and his comment was the probably nicest compliment I have ever received .
    I felt almost equal to his skill level on that day and he was very good. That ride stayed with me for a long time.I guess Im still thinking about it..
  14. Qwik

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    Apr 27, 2008
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    Great feeling isnt it? I consider myself to be a decent rider but once in a while you find someone who can ride the same lines and same pace. Just feels right.