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Group W Fun Ride May 17th 2020, Colebrook CT

Discussion in 'Northeast - Greater Flugistan and home of the carp' started by Boianovich, Mar 1, 2020.

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    03/01/2020: Thread created

    2020 Group W Fun Ride - Online Registration and Website

    Group W Fun Ride (aka: Mid Bike Dual Sport Ride):

    • This is a Dual Sport ride designed for Mid to big sized Bikes
    • Fear not Big Bikers, GS's and the likes should be able to complete 70+% of the ride
    • This route is comprised of some of the best hero section the Berkshires has to offer and is designed to have a higher completion rate than the Triple B or other typical NETRA Dual Sport rides
    • The route is continuous hero sections (up to Hero V may be encountered) broken up with as few slab sections as possible
    • There will be minimal bypass options routed as the use of GPS allows riders to find the best way around the harder sections
    • Yes, this is a GPS NO ROLL chart ride
    • Mass residents will need OHV registration - Out of state is exempt
    • On-site camping or bunk houses
    • Come early and enjoy dinner provided by Colebrook Volunteer Fire Department and complimentary beer from Norebrook Farm Brewery in Colebrook CT
    This is not a 2 Stroke ride - As this is an add on to the BBA and there are numerous rides that allow 2 stroke bikes, we will continue with the tradition that the BBA rides are focused on mid to big bikes.

    Registration is Online ONLY
    Online Registration will be open until 9:00AM day of the event

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