GS Trophy Challenge 2012

Discussion in 'Canada' started by waterlilly, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Come on Canadian fans vote for the team over there riding, come on Team Canada.
    Get well soon Marc Andre, ( he had a wee crash)

    Time to vote again my friends!! This time team Canada's photo is obvious-sporting our flag.

    460 votes for the winners (Brazil) last go around. Canada had 140 votes.

    One of the team broke four ribs and a collar bone yesterday, so they could use the help.<WBR>com/en/<WBR>index.html?content=http%3A%2F%2<WBR><WBR>en%2Ffascination%2Fgs_trophy%2<WBR>Fgs_trophy_2012%2Fgstrophy2012<WBR>_photo-of-day.html&notrack=1