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GSpot forum playbook: Read here before posting!

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by GB, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. GB

    GB . Administrator Super Moderator Super Supporter

    Aug 16, 2002
    Welcome to GSpot - Oilhead and Liquid Cooled Boxers! Here's where we talk about BMW GS Boxers: R1100GS, R1150GS, R1200GS / Adventure / HP2

    GSpot Boxers is about the GS bike. Use the Equipment forum for accessories for the bike. GPS forum for GPS related questions, and the riding forum for riding related questions (The Perfect Line and other Riding Myths forum.) If you're looking for someone or something in your area, use the Regional Forum for your area.

    Please use Airheads for R80G/S, R100GS and other airhead boxers.
    Please use Road Warriors for Megamoto, R1xxxR, RS, RT, & ST related topics.
    Please use GSpot - Parallel Universe for F650GS twins/ F700GS / F800GS related topics.
    Please use Thumpers for all single cylinder threads.

    Many common maintenance procedures have been documented in a sticky thread at the top of this forum. If you don't find it there, it's best to use Google to search this site: Do the following: "site:www.advrider.com (enter search term)" in a Google search. For example, here's an ADVrider Google search for the term "motorcycle".

    What doesn't fly here?

    No personal attacks. :nono
    No spam. :spam
    No for sale/wanted ads (they belong in the Flea Market).
    No cross posting threads pointing to Flea Market threads. That's also considered spam.
    No vendor posts (they belong in Vendors). Group buys must be posted in the Vendors forum only.
    No whining about other websites or webmasters.
    No posting of copyrighted material, such as pointers to pirated factory shop manuals, etc. :ban

    Obviously, your typical garage language gets a pass, but a provocative, racist or similarly offensive language is not permitted here. When in doubt, picture yourself in a room with young/old/male/female gearheads, and act as if you are speaking out loud for all to hear. In other words, show some consideration for others, because no matter who you are, this place isn't all about you.

    We want to keep all of our interactions CIVIL. :thumb
    We will exclude from GSpot (or any other forum) those who continue to post in a manner that violates the intent of civility. What does ‘exclude’ really mean? It means you’ will no longer be able to see this forum.

    Don't disrupt a thread with personal attacks or hijack a thread with off topic drivel. If you have a beef with the author, discuss it using private messaging (start a Conversation).

    If you see something that doesn't belong, instead of responding in public, simply click on the REPORT link to report the post and we'll handle things from there. Don't feed the trolls.
    And let's not forget this one: ALL Mod decisions are final, don't whine about it. :deal

    Always remember that this place is the sum total of what ALL OF US make of it. No more, no less. So enjoy!

    And thanks from your friendly ADVrider Mods @Andrew & @GB . :D
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  2. GB

    GB . Administrator Super Moderator Super Supporter

    Aug 16, 2002
    Site wide rules, which apply in all ADVrider.com forums, are posted at the bottom of the page, entitled simply enough TERMS and RULES
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