GT750 Restoration Questions

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    Hello all!
    I recently acquired an old GT750 from a relative that found it for cheap at an estate sale she was helping out around. I currently have a '74 TC125 that I love riding around town. Knowing this she got the 750 and gave it to me for free. So I have absolutely nothing into this bike, but what I do next is something I think I need guidance from a more experienced motorcycle enthusiast.
    So I am really torn between fixing it up and giving it the best restoration a beginner could, or just selling it for a little extra money (college student). I really love the looks of it, but it is in very rough shape. I have added some pictures of the bike in an photobucket album. It sat since 1991 outside covered with a tarp. The engine is in surprisingly good condition though... good compression on all three cylinders. Gears all seem to cycle through and work. Clutch is a little weird as it is always engaged though. There is no battery so I had to hook it up to my car battery... all the electronics work on it (headlight, horn, blinkers, dash lights, e-start). Gas tank has no holes. Sadly the carbs that came with it are not in good shape and will need replacing, and the only thing that was missing on the bike was the airbox and the air intake boots. The back wheel was locked up when I got it, turned out the brake shoes had stuck to the hub and needed to be pried out. It was not stored with coolant or brake fluid in it though, so I have no idea how the front brakes or the cooling system are. The master cylinder is seized. It sparks when I connect and pry the points open manual, but the points are so corroded that they are junk. Other than those things though, it is a pretty solid bike mechanically.
    The really intimidating part of this possible project is the rust and the chrome and the aluminum. It is covered in rust... almost all the chrome is destroyed, and the aluminum engine (which is so pretty new) is corroded. I have experience with taking apart engines and fixing mechanical things... but no idea on how to fix anything cosmetics. This is why I had the idea of selling it.
    My question for everyone is: what do you think? Is this a good project to get learning on, or is it too far gone? About how much would cosmetic work on this scale cost? Or would you sell it if you were in my shoes? If so, how much do you think it would be worth?
    Thank you all for the help. Your experience and wisdom will be much appreciated! [​IMG]
    Album with pictures:
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    The question posed can only truly be answered by the man asking it. If you've the $$$ and time PLUS want the bike it's a deal.

    Take a good look at this site and think about it for awhile. Your friend seems to think you can. It's going to be an expensive long build-no getting around that. But after the dust settles you'll have a reliable fine bike that's going to draw crowds and be a fun ride. Like most projects it'll cost 3 times as much and take twice as long as you think it will.
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