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    This is an ongoing project of creating a library for groups of gps tracks based on events, regions or trips. This is meant to be a supplement to Garmin's Basecamp or other mapping applications and will take advantage of Google Map's terrain and satellite views.

    I'll keep updating this first post when new maps have been added and will also add a post so anyone watching this thread will get an alert. Please PM me if you have additional trips or events you'd like to see included.

    In Google Maps, in the menu to the right of the map's title, you can choose to download a single .kml file which will include all tracks and waypoint layers in the map.
    Import this into Basecamp for
    organizing and transferring to your gps.
    I'm also adding all original .gpx files and waypoint layers, which will retain their icons and info, into a Google Drive folder here:


    If you find this useful, please make a donation to the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge They do an amazing, monumental job of providing a home for abandoned exotic animals.

    Ride safe, be smart. Don't blame me if a track leads you off a cliff!

    ARKANSAS 500 - Ozarks

    The Arkansas 500 is a Dual Sport Motorcycle ride (not race) that spans three days and travels over 500 miles of back roads in the Ozarks. Proceeds benefit The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. This is a yearly overview of the AR500 routes. This event is mostly big bike friendly but there are several go arounds for sections and river crossings that can be big bike antagonistic.

    Registration and information about the event can be found at

    Arkansas 500 -

    AR500 Google Maps.png

    SLAP TRAX Single Track - Ozarks

    This is an overview of the single-track tracks posted in Dr. Lewall's thread:
    AR SLAP Trax | Adventure Rider
    These are primarily NOT big bike friendly.

    SLAP TRAX Single Track -

    SLAP TRAX - Single Track.png

    Google Maps has a limit on how many map layers you can have in one map. I've created a new Waypoints Library map with separate layers for Camping, Dealerships, Food, Gas, Hospitals and a general catch all for Points of Interest (POI). Unfortunately the icon data from the .gpx files is lost when importing in GM but you can download the .gpx files from the Google Drive Master Files link above and all icons will import in Basecamp.

    This is by no means complete. I'm just gathering all the waypoints and keeping them in separate files so they can be easily loaded before each trip. If there's a favorite restaurant or motel you recommend, please lmk and I'll periodically update this database.

    Ozarks Waypoints Library Map


    Dual Sport Maps Library
    You can download the .gpx files that contain all correctly labeled waypoints and see an overview

    Ozark's Waypoints Library - gas, food, lodging, camping, points of interest, parks

    SLAP 2017 Loopapalooza- Big Bike Friendly starting from Byrd's Adv Center

    SLAP Trax Single Track - Big Bike Antagonistic starting from Byrd's Adv Center

    AR500 2013-2017 - Three Day event sponsored by Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

    AR Bootlegger 2016 - Three Day event sponsored by Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

    AR Bootlegger 2017 - Three Day event sponsored by Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

    North East Oklahoma ADV Tracks - Starting from Green Leaf State Park, OK

    Long Way 'Round the Rockies 2017 - NM to Banff, CAN and back on the Continental Divide Route
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    Good job Kevin, I'll dig into these when I have some free time. Thanks for all the leg work.
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    I'm also adding these to I've had some issues that I'm resolving with the designer.
    I actually like DSM better because the waypoint icons show up but Google Maps has layers which help.
    They are a little different but both good ways to look at the data.

    I'll add those DSM links to the above maps when it's all uploaded.
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    GPX FILES LOADED UP FINE, THANKS GUAVADUDE! I'll check back here in a bit to see if the DSM links get loaded.