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    Jul 29, 2012
    Yippee! "Gypsy by heart2"! Looking forward to it! I agree that California has many things to offer. The coast highway, at least the part with which I am familiar, is very beautiful....with the.road winding up and down with lovely views of the ocean. If you enjoy seeing ocean life up close, there is a wonderful marine preserve about 40 minutes south of San Francisco...the Fitzgerald marine is a place where there are hundreds of tide pools when the tide goes out, in which all manner of sea life are stranded until the tide comes back in, and you can walk among the pools and see it all. But then Yosemite is also very beautiful although far inland (I may be off, but I think it takes about 3 hours or so to get to Yosemite from the San Francisco area, but East instead of South....), but probably a yawner for someone who has seen the Alps! But even if the mountains are not so Alp-like, the valley is very beautiful---with steep walls rising cathedral like on 3 sides...and the enormous rock formations of El Capitan and Half Dome. And if you enjoy exploring caves there is a nice one in the mountains about 100 km NNW of Yosemite National Park called "California Cavern", where you can take a variety of tours. I have done the "Middle Earth Tour" twice and it is a great time crawling through small holes and squishing in the mud with only headlamps for light, but you see some amazing things. This is a cave that is in the area where much of the California Gold Rush took place starting in 1849 and this cave was known to people at that time because they left their graffiti behind. These are just a few of the places you might enjoy.....