Hagerman Pass - Reudi Reservoir to Dolores

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    Dec 3, 2014
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    Bottom line up front..... I'm trying to find a route from somewhere around Reudi Reservoir that will bring me back to my start point in Dolores. I've scoured Google Earth until my eyes are blurry, but I can't see a viable route. I want as little pavement as possible. I'll be crossing Hagerman Pass from Leadville after mainly following the COBCDR from Dolores. I'd prefer not to use the same route I took to get to Reudi.

    I'm planning this ride for next year. I'll be on my KTM 450EXC, but my buddy will be on his BMW GS???. We don't want to go farther north than Gypsum, and would actually prefer to start heading back to Dolores after hitting Reudi reservoir for some fishing.

    Two years ago, I read the map wrong and attempted Hagerman Pass from the Leadville side on my Victory Vision. [​IMG] Amazingly, I nearly made it to the pass before I was forced to turn around, but I swore I'd be back to ride it all the way through some day. I had some pictures but lost my camera up there. If anyone found a camera with pictures of an idiot riding a 900+ lb fully loaded Victory Vision on that road, please destroy the evidence!!!

    My bud handles his BMW very well, but we're not looking to do any sketchy single track stuff. Heck, my EXC is going to be pretty lethargic too, with 1.5 weeks worth of gear and lots of gas stowed on it.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.