Hard Core ish Postie Ride 2018 - NSW and Qld

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    Dec 30, 2011
    Was going to call this "Soft Core Postie 2018" but thought it may make some people nervous.....

    We have been looking at this for a while and have done one scouting trip.
    Date will be Sept 13-16 2018.

    Meeting at a farm on the Tweed River near Murwillumbah on 13th and camp overnight and leave cars / trailers there. Head off morning of the 14th exploring the ranges along the NSW / Qld border. 2 nights out and loop back to arrive back at the start on the 16th.

    Plan to carry most of your equipment although there will be at least one support vehicle with trailer which can carry swags. Other support vehicles welcome if you want to bring your family.
    Our guides' riding competence wont be up to the past speeds of Phil, George, Craig et. al. but we will be doing some scenic road, forest tracks etc. with stops along the way. Wont need huge fuel capacity if we top up as available.

    CT90, Ct110, C90 (or similar) only to maintain the spirit of the event.

    You will be encouraged to raise some money by sponsorship for a charity supporting children with degenerative brain conditions. More later on that.

    Justin & Corey
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