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HD buys StaCyc - An Electric Bicycle Maker

Discussion in 'Electric Motorcycles' started by MHaz01, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. MHaz01

    MHaz01 I Used To Be Faster

    Jul 1, 2008
    SE Wisconsin
    Article here.


    I noticed a large display of Yamaha electric bicycles in children's' sizes at the IMS in Chicago. Yamaha set up a riding area and there was quite a line of children/parents waiting their turn.

    Is this a good market play for Harley? Who knows. But look at who buys children's electric bicycles. Parents, probably more dads than moms. And they'll have to go into a Harley dealership to do that. It could well be that dads who might not otherwise set foot in a Harley dealership will now do so and will get the urge to own a motorcycle.
  2. p3ga

    p3ga Rounding Error

    Sep 28, 2004
    The Home for the Terminally Bored.
    Most Halloween pirate costumes are for kids ages 3-7, so yes, I see the H-D connection here..
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  3. Ron_Luning

    Ron_Luning Been here awhile

    Dec 15, 2007
    Arnold, MD
    No. These bikes are for motorcycle parents who want to get their kids into riding. Not bicyclists. Here's the comment I wrote over at Motorcycledaily:
    I have 2 of these bikes in the 16" size. Previously, I tried teaching my (then) 3-year old to ride using an OSET 12.5 model. It was VERY heavy. These STACYC bikes are featherweights in comparison. The batteries are more or less the same as a few different power tools on the market, but cost $160 to replace. I haven't had to yet.

    So now I've got an almost 5 and almost 3-year old both riding these bikes, and the only real complaint is the handlebar diameter is way too big for kids to use effectively. Their hand size combined with the large diameter bar makes it nearly impossible to use the brake lever. Other than that, it is a much better first bike than an OSET or Kuberg.

    That said, H-D might as well kill the brand now. They'll only F up the whole thing. I owned a Buell 1125R back in 2009, and setting foot in just about any H-D dealership was like walking into an alien planet. It was a bad fit from day 1 for a Buell rider. Notice they never even brought Alta into the H-D dealerships at large, probably because they saw the financials weren't working for Alta from the get-go and had the intention of just taking whatever IP they could before the company ran out of money. Hopefully that's not the same case here.

    Similar to Buell, STACYC is not a good fit for what H-D is good at. These little bikes are for parents who actually LOVE riding motorcycles, not just looking like what they think is a bad-ass, to get their own kids into LOVING to ride as well. Nobody buys H-D below a certain age because their products are dynamically inferior. Those customers don't care if their kids like to ride motorcycles, or know proper technique, because the majority of them don't actually like it and can't do it themselves.

    Bottom line is that H-D is desperate for customer growth, and probably knows that its upcoming streetfighter and adv bike are going to absolutely disappoint next to the competition and on the sales floor. That electric bike? What an effing joke. How many H-D riders do you know who are going to fork out $30k for that thing, when they can get a decked-out internal combustion model that will be more useful and hold its value better for less money (built by H-D)? I can't think of 1.

    Anyway, I may have to get some spare parts for my kids' STACYC bikes before H-D doubles the price or puts studded fringe on the seats.
  4. Monkeyshines

    Monkeyshines Long timer

    Dec 31, 2007
    Menomonee Falls
    Keith Wandell is gone, let it go, it's almost not even the same company as a decade ago, heck five years ago.

    They're not letting every dealer sell the e-bikes so I'd think the kids bikes go to the same select outlets.

    The southeast WI area has seen quite a bit of dealership turnover in the last few years, heard a group from Chicago owns three or four, so far. Seems more like typical motorsports places, a younger staff, wearing....Polo shirts.
    But I'm not going to let a bunch of polite clean-cut employees scare me away from a motorcycle dealership damnit.

    Saw one of the original service managers was still at ********Harley Davidson after the turnover, he seemed nervous under new management, like he had to keep busy now:lol3.
  5. smdub

    smdub Been here awhile

    Oct 5, 2017
    It's odd HD (or anyone for that matter) bought StaCyc. It's an easy idea/design to copy. Barrier to entry is low so will be hard to protect market share if sales take off.
  6. Cow Boy Brad

    Cow Boy Brad brad1098

    Oct 8, 2007
    So. IL.
    No bikes available on Stacyc site