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    I just picked up a 2021 Harley Pan America Special, broke it in with a SS1000, and electronically submitted it. I just thought I’d post a quick ride report for those interested.

    I’ve been following this bike since it was announced years ago, since it is like a mash-up of the last 3 bikes I’ve sold – a BMW F800GS Trophy, Harley MT500, and Harley 883. And when Kelly Quinn (ToH Rider involved in testing) messaged me and said it was legit I was hooked. Back in Feb when I heard they were taking orders I stopped by Seminole Harley they told me May was sold out, but they were taking deposits for Nov. A week ago I stuck my nose in Rossmeyer’s , and they told me FL was in the last region they’ll be shipping to, and they weren’t expecting them until late May or early June. Bummer.

    Wednesday the Orlando Harley Sales Manager said the shipping company had just unexpectedly dropped off three Pan Americas, and asked if I was still interested. Silly question.

    The initial break in service is 1000 miles, so it seemed like the obvious thing would be to go on a nice, easy IBA Saddle Sore 1000. They opened at 10am Friday, I figured I’d be out of there by noon. Since I wasn’t going to mount my 595 on it until later, I laid out a simple route, I made a few notes of cities to hit to make my Ocala 6pm meeting, and still get plenty of sleep before work 10am Saturday (my hard deadline).

    Well, that didn’t happen. By the time all the paperwork, insurance binders, etc. was done it was a quarter to 2pm, but I figured I was still good for time.

    I finally shoved all my paperwork in my backpack and jumped on my bike, rode down to my credit union for my starting time receipt, and headed out to I-4 with my sights set on JAX. And immediately ran into a huge traffic back up due to a crash. I worked my way over to the first off ramp and saw that the bottom of the ramp was completely blocked by two additional cars that had decided to have their own private crash. Stuck on I-4, It wound up taking me an hour and a half to cover the first 40 miles due to two additional crashes. Only two of the three that brought us to a halt were actually northbound, the other was southbound, I guess everyone decided to stop out of sympathy.

    The cooling system on the Pan Am is awesome, it never even came close to overheating while sitting there idling at a dead stop with an indicated 98’ F outside temp.

    Since it was evidently “Crash your car in FL” day, I bailed off the road at the Deland exit and figured I’d run up 17 to Palatka, then cross over to Gainesville, and still make it to Ocala on time. But I didn’t know that apparently Friday is when all the farmers take their equipment out for a spin.

    The power band of the Pan America is amazingly broad, and even in the wrong gear it can instantly jump out with a roar to pass a line of as many as 8 tractors towing equipment going down a narrow 2 lane road when all the tractors going the other way have finally passed.

    By the time I made it to Palatka I knew Gainesville was out, so I headed south to Salt Springs (where I used to be stationed as a Firefighter/Paramedic).

    The cruise control on the bike is awesome, and makes it real easy to set at the speed limit for a long straight cruise when a Putnam County Sheriff decides to tailgate you the entire 25 miles down 19 to Salt Springs (even though the last 9 miles are in Marion County).

    With the road I was planning to take blocked with yet another crash, I stayed on 19 all the way to 40, and made it to Ocala for my meeting, a CrossFit workout to get rid of a bit of the irritation, and then struck out north. I figured if I ran up I-75 all the way to Atlanta I’d still be good for time and distance. Well, about 100 miles south of Atlanta on a remote section of I-75 I decided to shut off my bike, stretch a bit, and take a little nap in the fast lane – since all three lanes were blocked (and the median impassable) by a major wreck that took over half an hour to clear with heavy equipment, helicopters flown in, etc.

    When we finally started crawling along in a single lane I jumped off at the first exit, refilled, and headed south to Lake City, JAX, Daytona, and Deland. I was just over 200 miles short, so hopped on my computer, figured out a route 40 to I-95 south & back that would get the miles I needed and took off to make it back in time for work. For the first time in this whole SS1000 everything went exactly as planned. I looked pretty rough when I showed up to work, but everyone was more interested in checking out the Pan Am.

    Bought it Friday, dropped it off Sunday morning for the 1000 mile break in service with 1110 on it. Showroom guys were amazed, service guys know me:

    Sales (excited): He put 1000 miles on it yesterday!
    Service (deadpan): Of course he did.

    Had an amusing follow up call yesterday with a very polite lady as well:
    Cust service: I'm just calling to see if you are satisfied with your experience (etc..)
    Me: Yea, the bike's great, I'm bringing it back tomorrow morning.
    Cust service: I'm sorry, is there a problem with your new motorcycle?
    Me: Not at all, I put 1000 miles on it yesterday and it's ready for its first service.
    Cust service: I'm glad to hea....wait....what?

    The bike is amazing, I think this is what I've been looking for all along.

    Jim in FL


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    Congrats, so when are you going to take it offroad & thrash it in the sand/mud/swamp? :D
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    Wow, I am genuinely impressed.
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    Well done. And a great show of determination.
    The match up of this bike and the cycle community should be a huge success if dealership doesn't screw up.
    A large part of HD crowd says let's see the country, a dealer network the metric bikes would kill for and now, no need to turn around at the gravel transition.
    HD might just be leveraging into a position of strength with this bike.
    You are setting a great tone for the pirates to acknowledge a great bike.
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    I think you need your name from GS Jim to HD Jim.