Heartrate wristband for heart rate training

Discussion in 'Sports' started by catweasel67, Sep 26, 2016.

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    I did a quick for heart rate monitors but nothing obvious came up so..

    Being a sweaty hairy bastard I'm really not keen on a chest strap so I'm after a reasonably accurate wrist band - something that can tell me, at a glance, when I'm in zone 2 - 70-80% of max heart rate.

    I'm not all that worried about any other features, it's just the heart rate I'd like to nail - currently I'm using two fingers, my carotid and a best guess.

    Any of you use such a thing?
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    Wrist HR montors don't work all that well. Straps are the most accurate and least likely to lose signal. You don't notice the strap after a while. Get one where the HR electronics unit can be removed from the strap (i.e. the Garmin Premium) so you can throw the strap in the wash periodically.

    Calculating zones from observed max HR is so approximate as to border on useless. Doing it from age-220 is no better than rolling dice. The best way is to do a threshold test and then calcuate the zones from there. (even the 'zones' are very approximate... it's not like there's a switch that happens when you add one bpm and go from Z2 to Z3. It's a continuum, and the numbers are based on averages of a relativly small number of observed athletes).

    An easy approximation of Z2 is being able to hold a conversation. A real one, not a few words then a bunch of breathing. That's Z4 (on a 1-5 scale. There's different scales too.)
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    ^This is why I refuse to bother with that HR zone mumbo jumbo hassle.:lol3
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    I've been using fitbit charge hr since Christmas, so close to a year! It works great to look after exercise, mowing, sex or whatever. You can't see where you are in real time but by looking at it after the fact you will soon know what it feels like to be where u want to be. It has shown me how bad it is to just ride around during work and how much work my heart gets with more strenuous activity.